Monday, August 10, 2009

Elain Colorist Perfect Finish Primer

Another one of the products I was sent from Elain Colorist was their Perfect Finish Shimmering Primer. I was sent the purple one which claims to "moisturise the skin and create a soft and even surface before applying your foundation. It subtely corrects skintone and helps the skin retain moisture". This primer is good for anyone who suffers from uneven skintone and redness. I have naturally rosy cheeks and I'm always trying to tone them down, this is why I'm not a blusher maniac because I have a natural flush to my cheeks. This primer has SPF20 to protect the skin. You only need to apply a very small amount for the whole face as seen below.

It spreads and blends well and starts off looking very opaque at first (which did scare me a bit!)

he more you blend it in, the more it creates a fresh, luminous base for your makeup as seen below.

You can see the effect it gives my skin below (I'm only wearing foundation on my face in the pic below and some simple eye makeup)

My overall thoughts on this product were that it was easy to apply, blended quickly and didn't feel slippy on my skin. It seeped right in and created a good base for me to apply my foundation. My foundation also blended in very quickly. The primer just evened out the colour of my cheeks in a really subtle way and gave a luminous glow that lasted all day. I really like this for days when my skin looks a bit dull and I will definitely keep using it. It will be added to my growing collection of primers (to which only the best primers are added!)
This primer can be found on the Elain Colorist website, which is

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