Monday, August 10, 2009

Contest Winner

It took me ALL weekend to come up with the overall winner for my Miss World contest. I loved all of the entries and really appreciated all the effort that was made. I wish I could make you all winners! There will be an overall winner and two runner up's. So I can officially announce that the winner is...

Vivian a.k.a PiggyVivs@Electryfying Beauty!!!!

Well done Vivian! I was so impressed by her ingenius idea to make her tiara into the shape of Australia! Now that patriotism for ya! From the sash to the flowers, she really went all out for her contest entry.

Hold on though, there's still two runners up to announce....

Runner Up no.1 is Moggalicious

Runner Up no.2 is Lorla

They will both receive a mystery prize each!

I felt really bad having to choose the winner and runners up because all of you made a real effort to make the contest fun, so thank you to everyone who took part :)

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