Friday, November 13, 2009

Sleek Luminous Powder

I received an illuminating powder today from Sleek to try out called 'Luminous'. Basically, it's a powder designed to be used to set foundation and gives a radiant finish. It's infused with light reflective mica pigments to give a dewy look to the skin. From what I can tell, it's in the same arena as Benefit One Hot Minute Powder which I have spoken about before (although this product is not rose gold). I think you would use it in the same way. I'm not a fan of shimmery products all over my face but I will test this product out all the same as it may not give a shimmery effect. If it does, I can always try it out as a highlighter instead. I will take pics when I do a review on Monday and will include swatches but here's a high res pic to give you a better idea of what the powder looks like (shade no.1 shown below)...
The shade I received is no.2 which is a lovely pale golden colour and on first impressions, it doesn't look overly shimmery in the pan. Apparently, the powder minimises skin imperfections however I have found in the past that any kind of shimmer HIGHLIGHTS imperfections rather than the opposite. However, I am going to remain impartial until I have tried it out over the weekend. The powder is said to absord excess oils, has SPF15 and contains jojoba to give a light velvety powder. It's available in four shades to suit all skin tones (I haven't seen all four shades so I can't comment on whether it would actually suit all skin tones). I am interested to see whether it could be a dupe of something like Nars Albatross. It will be priced at £5.99 and will be available in Superdrug stores later this month.

I will post a review of this product on Monday so stay tuned!

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