Saturday, November 28, 2009

Showing YSL some more love!

I love YSL as a brand. It gave birth to some of my favourite products like Faux Cils mascara and Rouge Voluptes, which are BY FAR the best lipsticks I have ever owned. The products always feel so luxurious and are such a treat to use, both in their formula and in the gorgeous packaging. I just have to give a whole lotta love to the following three products, Singulier Mascara in No.1 (Black), Gloss Volupte in No.1 (Iced Lychee) and Rouge Pur Lipstick in no.59 (Golden Melon)... I have heard a few other bloggers raving about the Singulier mascara and I never thought it could surpuss Faux Cils, but oh my god it has. This mascara is AMAZING! It volumises, it lengthens and it curls, basically everything you want from a mascara. It doesn't smudge or flake at all and when I wore it today, Chris asked if I was wearing false eyelashes! That had me sold because he never usually notcies these things.
I love the way you can just apply one coat and get this effect...My eyelashes actually reach my eyebrows when I look upwards. This mascara is out of this world and all the raving going on in the blogging world is wholly justified. I have a couple of other mascaras such as Estee Lauder Sumptuous and Rouge Bunny Rouge Amplitude which are great and I enjoy using them but YSL Singulier just has that extra bit of oomph that would make me want to reach for it on special occasions or for a big night out. I am in love! This is a mascara I will repurchase again and again.
I love all the YSL lipsticks I have and this Rouge Pur one is no exception. It's a gorgeous golden peach shade that really glistens in the light. It's butter smooth to apply, doesn't dry out the lips and lasts quite a long time for such a light formulation. The formulation of YSL lipsticks is second to none in my opinion, they are just silky smooth. This shade really brightens your complexion and adds just the right amount of colour.
As I adore Rouge Voluptes (who doesn't?) I was excited to try the new Gloss Volupte product. The YSL website describes the product as having "the sensual texture of a gloss and the irresistibly feminine gesture of applying a lipstick. Translucent as a lollipop, the texture deliciously melts on the lips, giving them a tantalizing shine and tangy colours". This description is spot on and I love that it feels like you're applying a lipstick and not a gloss. If you're expecting a highly pigmented gloss then this may not be for you. It's designed to add shine and a hint of colour. It's so so light and because the gloss is very transparent, it's better paired with a lipstick. And what better lipstick to pair it with than the gorgeous Golden Melon....
This combination is particularly flattering on slightly golden skin. They both feel really lovely to wear and I can't say enough good things about them! YSL had really excelled itself with these three products.

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