Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleek Luminous Powder Review

I know alot of you guys wanted me to do a review of this product sooner rather than later so here it is! Now on first impressions, I'm not quite sure why they include a flat sponge applicator because this kind of thing would be useless for this powder (or any other product for that matter!). Why do so many brands insist on providing tools that are of no use whatsoever? They could save alot of money but just skipping that. Most girls have their own set of brushes to apply products. Here's a close look at the powder itself...
You can see the flecks of shimmer in it and the one I was sent is a warm golden colour (no.2) that swatches like this...
The first thing I notcied when I touched the powder is that it isn't as smooth as it could be, it feels like t should have been milled more thoroughly. You can't see the particles but you can feel them. This powder is probably best used as a highlighter on the very tops of the outer section of the cheekbones to avoid that shiny cheek look. Because it has slight shimmer in it, applying it all over the face could result in a whole lot of shimmer, which you don't really want if you're going for the subtle glowy look. The powder applies quite well in this way, I'm just a little disappointed that it isn't finer. Don't get me wrong, it's great value for what it is, but when I have the likes of Nars Albatross at my disposal which is amazing, the Sleek powder pales in comparison. I really wanted this to be a great dupe of the famous Nars powder but it didn't really live up to my expectations. It's priced at £5.99 but I would say that Prestige Skin Loving Minerals powder in Pure Shimmer would be better value for money if we are talking powder highlighters.
On the up side, I do like the warmth it brings to the cheeks, it's a nice colour and it does have a slightly illuminating effect. I think you could make it work as a subtle contouring powder as well (although I would only do that for a nightime look due to the shimmer).
All in all, the product is ok, but I think they could have worked a bit harder on the formula of the powder to make it feel smoother and more blendable, after all, that's what creates the 'flawless' look that a luminous powder such as this is trying to create.
If you have also tried this powder, let me know your thoughts!

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