Saturday, November 28, 2009

I swear I only intended to buy Christmas presents....

Why is it that the shops get together and conspire against us all at Christmas time? They bring out all the nicest things at this time of year and that makes it impossible for me to concentrate on buying presents for other people! I went into town today with the sole intention of getting things for my loved ones ALTHOUGH, in my defense, there was one excusable purchase. It's my birthday on 13th December and I had spotted a coat in French Connection that I loved so Chris said he would get it for me now in case it sold out. It's in one of my favourite colours which is that cobalt blue shade. I love the military detailing and pewter domed buttons AND the smaller size fitted me so that made my day! It was expensive at £144 but I think it's worth it coz I will wear it to death and the military isn't too strong so it will last through the trend. Then when I was walking past H & M I thought "it couldn't hurt to just have a look". That was where I think I lost all of my will power and ended up trying on a billion things. H & M have done something that so many shops fail to do...their staff were super friendly and helpful, their changing rooms were air conditioned, with flattering diffused lighting AND they have two swivel mirrors so you can position them where you good is that!Bravo H & M. More shops should do that). Here's what I left with...
This dress is perfect for those times when you just want a trusty black dress that you can team with a variety of different accesories. It is high waisted with a cotton vest top section and a chiffon skirt, complete with a chiffon band and bow around the waist. It's fully lined so the skirt section feels quite heavy, that also means there's less chance of it blowing up at the slightest gust of wind! It's was only£24.99 which I think is really good value for money. I'm loving the blazer look at the moment and this one is gorgeous. It's a lovely sheeny champagne colour and has a rough silk effect to it. The lining is also gorgeous, cream silk with a pretty dotted design, perfect for when you roll the sleeves up. I can't wait to wear it with the black dress with chunky jewellery and statement shoes! This was £39.00 which is pretty decent for a good quality blazer, especially since it looks so luxe.
I saw this bright pink wool scarf and I had to have it! It's super long, super cosy and it will add a burst of colour to a plain outfit. There has been so many bodycon dresses around the last few seasons and I've never been brave enough to wear them because you have to have a supermodel figure to pull it off and basically, I don't! However, this black knitted bodycon skirt from H & M is perfect for my shape. It is very slimming and clings in all the right areas. It is quite thick and is also lined so it will be perfect for the winter weather with boots and tights. It was £16.99 in a special offer so I grabbed it in excitement! It's an easier way to get into the bodycon trend without going the whole hog.I now have access to Zara in Aberdeen and I am so glad I do because I have spotted soooo many things that I want to get my hands on! There are some really great things for work, chiffon blouses, lovely shift dresses with stylish detailing and some of their shoes are gorgeous! I managed to limit myself to a wallet, a plain white vest and a top, but not just any top. It has bands of shimmer! I plan on wearing this with my dark denim skinny jeans, killer heels and navy blue long cardigan. It's casual with a twist of Christmas glamour!
So I left my shopping trip today laden with bags and with a hint of guilt at my lack of presents for other people. But I will be going back next weekend so I can get them then...aww who am I kidding!? The same thing will probably happen again!

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