Monday, November 9, 2009

Review of New CID Cosmetics

I just wanted to review a couple of New CID Cosmetics products that I have been using lately and to give you my thoughts on them. First up is I-Glow Ice Pop which is similar to a MSC Mineral Skin Finish. Here's the blurb "i - glow is hand baked unlike many other powders which use waxes to stick ingredients together. This means i - glow glides smoothly over skin to create a radiant and youthful look. Great for accentuating a tan, the special ingredients ‘bounce' light off the skin.
For a fresh, luminous look, dust i - glow Ice Pop all over the face, neck and shoulders with a big powder brush".

It has the same marbelised look to it as a MAC MSF and can be used as a highlighter, blush, all over powder or an eye shadow. I really like the clean, practical packaging and the colour is a gorgeous soft pink. The powder is buttery smooth and can be built up if you want to wear it as a blush. I found it looked very similar to MAC Well Dressed as it just gives the prettiest flush of pale pink to your cheeks. It looks very natural as there is no shimmer or glittery particles, perfect for daytime use! I have also used it lightly all over my face to brighten my complexion and that works really well too. It gives a nice glowy finish to my makeup without creating a shiny or greasy look to the skin. Here's a swatch...
I love this product and because you get twice as much as you would in a MAC Blush like Well Dressed, I think it's good value for money at £20.00. It's multi-purpose as well so it would be great for saving space when travelling when you need a product that has a few uses. It's also the kind of shade that would suit alot of people because it's so subtle.

I wasn't as impressed with the i-Flick eyeliner in Black. Here's the blurb "i - flick is a double ended liquid and kohl liner that makes creating the ‘Sixties' flick a no-brainer. It's a tried and tested look that shows no signs of going away, heavily influenced by the doe-eyed, kohl rimmed eyes that prevailed in the 1960's, it's also a look that makes everyone look instantly cooler. Designed to make applying precision eye-liner easy for everyone (and let's face it, it's a hard one to get right). In fact, i - flick's special capillary system which controls the flow of ink to the brush nib makes it virtually impossible to make a mistake!"

Here's what the product looks like...
And with the lids off...

I am a big fan of liquid eyeliner as you all know and I have tried so many of them that I just won't put up with anything that's falls below par. My problem with this product was that the pigmentation in the liquid liner was just very poor and when I swatched it, it actually came out looking more dark grey than black. Maybe the problem lies in the 'capilliary' liquid pen design that controls the ink flowing to the end...maybe it works TOO well and waters down the colour on application. All I know is that I like my liquid liner to be intensely black to create good definition and this one just didn't cut it. The khol pencil on the other side is ok, but nothing special and it didn't have great staying power either. Here's the swatches...
The liquid liner is on the top and the khol on the bottom. The khol is actually darker than the liquid liner!

So, all in all, I would recommend the i-glow but not the i-Flick. I much prefer my new Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Liner which just refuses to budge and gives the most intense black I have seen yet in a liner!

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