Monday, November 23, 2009

Becca Glossy Lip Tint

Every once in a while I try and step outside of my lipgloss comfort zone and yesterday was that kinda day. I decided to try to introduce a flash of colour to my lips, I wanted a lovely juicy colour and my gloss of choice was BECCA Glossy Lip Tint in Daiquiri... The website describes the gloss as "A long lasting translucent gloss that delivers radiant shine with a splash of colour. Deliciously scented with a hint of strawberry parfait, this luxurious formulation is silky-smooth and completely non-sticky". I can testify that it smells delish! It has a brush applicator which I normally wouldn't like as the brush fibres to to splay out and get messy after a while but this one feels like a really high quality brush...
The colour is a really juicy bright peachy pink which verges more on the orange I would normally avoid orange gloss like the plague...but...this gloss is so flattering and wearable. It brightened up my whole complexion and is a real pick me up on dull days when you know that a touch of bright makeup is the only thing that will make it better. Here's a swatch to show the loveliness...
This gloss has a really nice consistency, not too runny and not too sticky, with slight shimmer that never feels gritty (a pet hate of mine!). It lasted a long time on my lips, it was still there even after I had a cup of tea, which for most glosses is the killer. Impressive stuff from BECCA. If you check the website, you will see that there is a ton of beautiful shades to choose from I now have my eye on Cassis, Coconut Ice and Flirtini! I might drop some hints to Chris for a Christmas stocking filler!
This gloss gave my lips such a lovely sheeny glow of colour that didn't look at all over the top. The colour looks a bit brighter off cam and you can see that from the swatch. I am definitely going to check out more of these glosses as they are an easy way to wear a brighter lip colour without feeling like your lips are screaming out at everyone. So this would be great for anyone who normally sticks to nudes and naturals but wants to try something new. Go on, be a bit daring (ok, so it's not like bungee-jump daring but it's a start!).

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