Saturday, June 18, 2011

What A Semi ? Final!

East Kent SSC hosted the 2011 BSMA Semi Finals at Staplehurst, track conditions were superbly prepared once again by Adam Hawkins who single handily prepared, graded, watered and even maintained the track in-between races while competing in the semi?s himself. What a guy! So it?s no wonder the visiting club Portsmouth MXC were just itching to get the racing under starter?s orders and under the watchful eye of BSMA Official Vic Amor, the excitement of the chase for the top ten positions began with the Auto class making their debut at the Semi?s along with the East Kent Open class too for the very first time!

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What an awesome start to the Semi?s as Dexter Marks powered his way to the first bend in the Open group to take the hole shot and lead the way at an astounding pace to take the overall victory for Portsmouth. Joe Cundle wasn?t deterred at all and continued to chase Marks all the way especially in race one as after a bad start he worked his way up the field to fourth, but with two seconds under his belt second overall was his. George Purchase fought hard and was consistent throughout to take third in every block for third overall.

A brilliant line up in the Amx group proved exciting to watch as the group pulled away from the start with Adam Cooper claiming the hole shot. Both Arron Jenner and Rob Muscat tore away from the group at a great speed with some breath taking passes along the way. It was Jenner who took the victory finish with Muscat in second overall on equal points. The battle for third was intense amongst Piers Skinner and Jamie Austin-Carter who was on top form throughout the day. It was Skinner who secured himself overall third.

Those young Senior riders were just amazing, especially young Jack Norman who flew off the gate to the first bend for the hole shot. Ryan Fellows who is having such a fantastic year, continued to be on top form to take the overall with Chae Jenkinson, who was enjoying the competition and riding superbly in second overall. John Eaton pushed himself hard throughout with a mixture of finishes resulting in John taking overall third.

Joe Borrett seemed unstoppable as he took the hole shot in the Big Wheels until Connor Dennis applied the gas and the chase was on between Joe and Connor. It was Connor who took the overall in the end with Joe in second. Third overall was truly well-earned by Dan Griggs as he worked so hard up through the top six.

Wow! What a performance from the Auto riders of both clubs as they showed the BSMA why they deserved to be at the semis as they all flew out the gates with Cain Marsh taking the hole shot and after a third in race one and two first places finishes in the remaining blocks he also took the overall with Kayden Algar and Liam Brosnan both powering their way to second and third overall.

Gary Ashley dominated the Junior group and there was just no stopping him as he took the hole shot and all three wins for a well-deserved victory. Both Daniel Sultana and Ashley Surridge were just amazing as they fought so, so hard to get that all important first overall, resulting in the boys making the top three. Well done guys well-deserved!

The wait was nearly over for the Small Wheels as they were last out on the track and with sheer determination clearly visible for all to see and as the gate dropped they were gone with Ethan Winchester getting the hole shot. Michael Ellis pulled through to dominate the group by taking the win in all three blocks to get the overall. Second and third were still up for grabs as Winchester and Nathan Turner-Whittle took them, it was such a close call with Tom Borrett trying so hard to finish inside the top three. So Close!

Finally a big thank you must go to Martin Crane and the committee for all their hard work both on the day and behind the scenes, paramedics for their help, land owners for the use of the track, Vic Amor and BSMA for their support, Gary Cambridge photographer & Mick of Destination MX. Also best wishes for a speedy recovery and a quick return to racing to the injured riders especially to the Portsmouth rider! And finally all at East Kent would like to say thank you to all at Portsmouth for travelling up and hope they had a safe journey home.

Report by Tracey Whittam

Open ? 1 Dexter Marks (PM), 2 Joe Cundle (EK), 3 George Purchase (PM), 4 Craig Bliss (EK), 5 Dean Read (EK), 6 Dave Taylor (EK), 7 Matt Hornby (EK), 8 Darren Hansford (PM), 9 Ben Crane (EK), 10 Nick Lynds (EK)
AMX ? 1 Arron Jenner (EK), 2 Rob Muscat (PM), 3 Piers Skinner (EK), 4 Jamie Austin-Carter (EK), 5 Adam Cooper (EK), 6 Paul Willis (PM), 7 Nicky Watts (PM), 8 Frankie Bennett (EK), 9 Brian Carter (EK), 10 Mike Young (EK)
SNR ? 1 Ryan Fellows (EK), 2 Chae Jenkinson (PM), 3 John Eaton (EK), 4 Mitchell Bligh (PM), 5 Jack Norman (EK), 6 Aaron O?Mahoney (PM), 7 Andrew Deadman (EK), 8 Toby Stubberfield (EK), 9 David Roberts (PM), 10 Jack Batchelor (PM)
BW ? 1 Connor Dennis (EK), 2 Joe Borrett (EK), 3 Dan Griggs (PM), 4 Joe Jeffries (PM), 5 Levi May (EK), 6 Jimmy Moore (EK), 7 Camlann Macdonald (PM), 8 Callum Heasman (EK), 9 Gary Dalton (PM), 10 George Bennett (EK)
Auto ? 1 Cain Marsh (PM), 2 Kayden Algar (EK), 3 Liam Brosnan (PM), 4 Ike Carter (EK), 5 Billy Carter (EK), 6 Oliver Cole (PM), 7 Harry White (PM), 8 Alfie Card (EK), 9 Lenny Ashley (EK), 10 Samuel Dormer (EK)
JNR ? 1 Gary Ashley (EK), 2 Daniel Sultana (PM), 3 Ashley Surridge (EK), 4 Charlie Burt (EK), 5 Jamie Griggs (PM), 6 Jack Nixon (EK), 7 Kane Moulton (EK), 8 Bradley Smith (EK), 9 George Stock (PM), 10 Bradley Foley (PM)
SW ? 1 Michael Ellis (PM), 2 Ethan Winchester (EK), 3 Nathan Turner-Whittle (EK), 4 Tom Borrett (EK), 5 Marni Saunders (EK), 6� Chris Nuttall (PM), 7 Charlie Way (PM), 8 Tom Gathercole (PM), 9 Luke Horley (EK), 10 Jay Muscatt (PM)

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