Monday, June 27, 2011

Ron and Ann Haslam invited to Queen?s Garden Party

Ron in conversation with son Leon at Misano

Image by BMW Motorrad

Former 500cc Grand Prix star and three times World Champion Ron Haslam has been invited to the Queen?s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday as recognition of his services to motorcycle sport.

Haslam, who recently celebrated his 55th birthday,, was one of 10 brothers and sisters from Langley Mill, Derys. and started racing on a 750cc Norton when 15 years of age.

He went on to contest 106 500cc Grands Prix, finish fourth in the 500cc World Championship and hold a world speed record. His invitation to meet the Queen and members of the Royal Family comes as recognition of his ?outstanding services to motor cycle sport.?

Ron now spends much of his time with son Leon who is racing with BMW in the World Superbike Championship. Leon commented: ?It?s great that dad?s been recognised by the Queen like this. Everything he has done in his career has been without shouting about it and he?s made a big difference to the careers of a lot of riders.

?Even when he was in the 500cc Grand Prix championship he would still help privateers in the same race as him and when I was racing in the British Superbike Championship there would always be a young 125cc rider knocking on the motorhome door asking for dad to set up his RS125 for him.?

The Queen?s Gardey Party is held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, London and guests enjoy the music from a number of military bands.

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