Monday, June 27, 2011

Small ASOS Haul, Colour Blocking Trend and Origins

I can never resist a good sale and especially when ASOS are hosting it! I only picked up a couple of things (so far) but I love them both.  There seems to be sales galore on at the moment.  If only I was a millionaire and I could buy everything my heart desired...mind you, I would probably just want more.  I doubt I could ever satisfy my hunger for clothes and shoes and bags and jewellery and makeup and....

Actually, the first thing I got wasn't even in the sale so I have no defence your honour.  It's a multi-chains horn bracelet...

I have never seen a bracelet like this before and since I'm a fan of unusual jewellery, I felt obliged to purchase it.  The fact that it was only £6.00 only sweetened the deal!  ASOS actually have some really cool pieces of jewellery at the moment, they also have a delicate skinny bangle with a cross in it that I really like the look of.  You may see it popping up on a future post...

I can justify the next item because it was in the sale, reduced from £42 to £25...sweet!  It's the Mesh and Ribbon Trim Bandeau Dress...

I would describe it as a less scary version of the body con dresses that are around, in that, it's fitted without squeezing the air out of your lungs.  It's a little more forgiving than those Herve Leger-style dresses that have been doing the rounds for ages.  It has detachable straps and I just dumped them when I got it because I prefer it as a strapless dress on me.  The spaghetti straps generally just cut into my shoulders, become annoying and sometimes make me look like a trussed up piece of meat on sunday.  The arrangement of the ribbon detail on the body of the dress is very slimming too.  The diagonal parts draw the eye inwards and show off your figure in a flattering way.  Cue totally unnatural pose...

I've been thinking of what to pair it with and I did spot a bright coral slouchy blazer in Zara that would be the perfect pop of colour for all that black and neutral.  I don't like things to be too matchy-matchy because it can cheapen a look.  I will get my thinking cap on because I'm going to wear it to a birthday bash on Saturday.  Any suggestions on what to pair it with?

Next up, a miracle worker for my skin this week...Origins Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads...*cue angels singing*.  My skin started acting up a few days ago and decided it was going to produce some lovely spots for me.  Thanks.  So I got right on it with these miracle pads, applying every morning just on the areas where I needed to banish any blemishes (I cut the pads in half to make the most of them).  When I use spot control products I want them to work and I want them to work FAST.

Each pad is soaked with salicylic acid, which opens and clears blackheads, while saw palmetto, a fruit extract known for its oil-minimising properties, cleans and removes dirt and debris.  I didn't feel any irritation or stinging when I applied it to the spots and it didn't dry my skin out either. 

I have also been using the Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish treatment gel at night applying it with a cotton stick (cue tip) to make sure I'm just concentrating it on the affected area.  This gel is also fantastic and works it's magic REALLY fast.  After just one application, I woke up with noticeably smaller spots and the redness had all but gone.  Impressive!

It also contains salicylic acid, which loosens dead surface cells, you can actually feel and see your blemishes becoming smaller after each application. If you have scarring from previous breakouts or hyper pigmentation, the cucumber and apple extracts help to reduce the visibility, while caffeine will calm skin.

I love these two products and will be reaching for them whenever my skin decides to go all hormonal on me again!  I was sent both of these products from Origins for consideration but as always, I have given my honest views and opinions.  They will be available next week and are priced at £12 for the gel and £22 for the pads.

Now for my new favourite blog/site is Travel In Style, which is a part of, a Dutch fashion blog collective featuring 5 really stylish bloggers.  I found it after visiting The HONEYBEE's Facebook page.  She mentioned the Travel In Style Blog and I'm so glad I checked it out!  The blogger in question is Phuong and I really like her sense of style and the way she puts things together.  Her outfits always seem to have an edge and individuality...

Pics courtesy of

The other fashion blogs on this site are also really inspirational and they all give you ideas about how to put your own outfits together.  Believe me, once you go to that site, you will lose yourself in the posts and surface 2 hours later wondering where all the time went!  Check it out!

And on the last note, I am loving the Colour Blocking trend at the just gives you the chance to wear vibrant, in your face colours in unusual combinations that shouldn't work but they just do. I'm dying to get a pair of the bright skinny jeans that are around at the moment.  I haven't tried any on yet so I'm hoping they won't make my legs look like tree trunks!

The point of me mentioning this is that I found a great blog post today on the rules to the colour blocking trend here so if you're unsure of how to rock this look, then you can find all the info you need there.  I found it quite helpful in working out which colours to mix and how to accessorize the outfit as a whole.  Hope you find it helpful too!

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