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Facciotti and Medaglia take overalls in Morden

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Monster Energy Motocross Nationals


(Stouffville, ON ? June 27, 2011)

Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing?s Colton Facciotti and Tyler Medaglia made it a perfect western segment at Round 4 of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals by taking the overall in Morden, MB.

Although Facciotti?s moto winning streak was broken by his MX1 teammate Dusty Klatt in the first moto, the Aldergrove, BC native snared the overall on the strength of 2-1 motos. For his part, Medaglia booked his second consecutive clean sweep of the season in the volatile MX2 class.

If Round 3 of the nationals in Calgary was a mud survival race Round 4 was its mirror image times two! Intermittent rains during the week and a floodgate of rain on Saturday night turned the black loam soil track of Shadow Valley Raceway into a quagmire of thick, gooey mud that ranged from one foot to two feet in depth.

Although the higher sections of the track were starting to dry by the first MX2 moto, the track crew did everything within their power to ensure the event ran according to schedule, collecting water in low-lying areas with hastily dug trenches and plenty of grooming in between motos.

Although the usual suspects ran in the top-five, riders were slipping, sliding, paddling and going down left and right in the sticky mud and deeply rutted track, making Morden a race of attrition.

Royal Distributing KTM?s Kaven Benoit grabbed the first MX2 moto holeshot with Tyler Medaglia, Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki?s Austin Politelli and Teddy Maier in his wake.

By the end of the first lap, which saw Benoit and Medaglia pull a 15-second gap on Politelli and the rest of the chase group, seven riders and bikes had already succumbed to the mud.

On the second lap Medaglia stuck an aggressive pass on Benoit, which he then parlayed into a +60 seconds lead by the end of the gruelling 30 minutes plus two laps moto.

Politelli, who also managed to sneak by Benoit, saw his race end in the closing laps of the moto when his bike seized, handing back second place to Benoit.

Benoit?s KTM teammate, Jeremy Medaglia, who started inside the top-10, was running in fourth by the end of the moto. Thanks to Politelli?s DNF he inherited third while Thousand Oaks Powersports Kawasaki Morgan Burger took over fourth with Parker Hoppe sealing the top-five. When all was said and done only 14 out of 40 riders reached the finish line.

Due to almost impossible track conditions, the second MX2 moto was shortened to 15 minutes plus two laps. The holeshot again went to Benoit with T. Medaglia, Politelli, J. Medaglia and Burger following closely behind him.

But like in the first moto, the wicked track conditions didn?t seem to apply to T. Medaglia. Riding on the edge like a true champ, he again bulldozed his way past Benoit by the end of first lap. Once up front he never looked back taking it all the way home to the checkered.

Undaunted by his first moto DNF, Politelli rode like a man possessed, hounded Benoit to stick a pass on him around the halfway mark.

Behind Benoit J. Medaglia defended his fourth place position from a hard charging Burger during the second half of the moto. They would finish in those positions when the checkered was waved.

With three laps to go, an on fire Politelli had shaved Medaglia?s lengthy lead down to three seconds. On the second last lap Medaglia made contact with a lapper, which allowed Politelli to challenge for position.

But the American, a little too anxious to make a pass, washed out the front end in the process. With enough of a gap on Benoit, however, Politelli kept second place intact. He was followed across the finish line by J. Medaglia and Burger to cement the top-five.

With 2-3 results, Benoit grabbed second overall on the day while his teammate J. Medaglia booked third overall on the strength of 3-4 motos.

The first MX1 moto holeshot went to Klatt, followed by Facciotti, Yamalube BlackfootDirect Yamaha?s Jared Allison, Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki?s Teddy Maier and Confused Clothing Bulldog Racing Kaige Racing Kawasaki?s Kevin Urquhart.

Although Allison led most of the first lap, an unbridled Klatt took over pulling Facciotti along with him. Despite some scary moments, including almost losing the lead on the last lap when a lapper stalled in front of him, Klatt managed to keep about 10 bike-lengths on Facciotti for most of the moto.

Facciotti made up some real estate by the end of the race, but he was unable to challenge Klatt for position and make it seven consecutive moto wins. The teammates once again stood head and shoulders above the competition lapping up to fourth place.

Allison eventually dropped back to finish fifth; Maier was unable to stay in the top-five. An impressive riding Urquhart grabbed third at the finish line while Royal Distributing KTM?s Kyle Keast, who started outside the top-five, soldiered his way to a fourth place finish.

The second MX1 moto, shortened to 20 minutes plus two laps, saw Yamalube Schrader?s SMX Racing Yamaha?s Shawn Maffenbeier peg the holeshot with Facciotti and Royal Distributing KTM?s Michael Willard, Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki?s Matt Goerke and Jay Burke in tow.

Facciotti wasted no time passing Maffenbeier for the lead as another rain shower came down on Shadow Valley. A few laps later, Facciotti had already pulled eight seconds on Maffenbeier, who was being hounded by Willard.

A number of crashes during the second half of the moto saw Maffenbeier, who finished eighth in moto one, disappear from the track.

Meanwhile, Klatt, who started around 10th, poured on the gas to plough through the mud and pick off rider after rider. Around the halfway mark he had installed himself in third place.

A few laps later second place running Willard caved to Klatt?s pressure. Once in second place Klatt kept pushing hard to reel in his teammate, who was enjoying a 10-second lead. But with the shortened moto time ran out and the defending champ had to settle for second place.

Willard, recording his best finish to date, rode smart to finish third in the moto and fifth overall on the day. Keast, who again greeted the flag in fourth, saw that position go into the books as his overall.

Overall Results MX2

1. Tyler Medaglia 1-1 (Yamaha)

2. Kaven Benoit 2-3 (KTM)

3. Jeremy Medaglia 3-4 (KTM)

4. Morgan Burger 4-5 (Kawasaki)

5. Kevin Lepp 7-7

6. Nicky Beatty 8-9

7. Parker Hoppe 5-13 (Suzuki)

8. Austin Politelli 0-2 (Kawasaki)

9. Kory Snelgrove 11-10 (KTM)

10. Mark-Antoine Belanger 14-8

Overall Results MX1

1.Colton Facciotti 2-1 (Yamaha)

2. Dusty Klatt 1-2 (Yamaha)

3. Kyle Keast 4-4 (KTM)

4. Kevin Urquhart 3-7 (Kawasaki)

5. Michael Willard 10-3 (KTM)

6. Mason Phillips 7-6 (KTM)

7. Teddy Maier 6-10 (Kawasaki)

8. Jared Allison 5-11 (Yamaha)

9. Jay Burke 12-5

10. Iain Hayden 9-13 (Suzuki)

MX2 Points after 4 Rounds

1. Tyler Medaglia 192�

2. Kaven Benoit 159

3. Jeremy Medaglia 145���

4. Austin Politelli 119

5. Morgan Burger 101��

6. Spencer Knowles 96

7. Tyler Sjoberg 85

8. Kieran Leigh 83

9. Dylan Schmoke 81

10. Brad Nauditt 78

MX1 Points after 4 Rounds

1. Colton Facciotti 197

2. Dusty Klatt 177

3. Teddy Maier 140

4. Kyle Keast 131

5. Kevin Urquhart 112

6. Bobby Kiniry 108

7. Michael Willard 96

8. Mason Phillips 92

9. Shawn Maffenbeier 92�

10. Brock Hoyer 87

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