Tuesday, June 28, 2011

North Korea Women's Soccer Coach Blames USA Loss On Lightning

Earlier today, the United States of America beat North Korea in their opening round game of the 2011 Women's World Cup by the score of 2-0.

North Korea manager Kim Kwang Min had a excuse ready for the loss and he decided to go with an weather phenomena as a reason why.

We get more from The Sydney Morning Herald:

North Korea coach Kim Kwang Min claimed several players had played in the opening 2-0 women's World Cup loss to United States on Tuesday still suffering from the effects of being struck by lightning at a pre-tournament training camp.

"Frankly speaking, when we were having training and test matches before we left for this tournament, five of the players were hit by lightning and were in hospital," said Kim, through an interpreter in the post-game press conference.

"We had an accident in Pyongyang before we left for this tournament. Some of the players were left behind. Some were in hospital and came later. Until now they were not fully treated for the match." Kim said the incident occurred on June 8.
Hopefully that response was good enough for Kim Jong Il because I have a sinking suspicion that might be the last we hear of Kim Kwang Min if the team doesn't do well for the rest of the World Cup.

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