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I was chatting to someone the other day about the TV shows I loved when I was a teenager and you wouldn't believe how much fun it is to look back at who your heart-throbs were, which theme songs you knew all the words to and how upset you were when you missed an episode.  Ok, so you you have to be of a certain age range to appreciate this post but what the heck.

First off, my FAVOURITE show when I was a teenager, hands down, had to be My So-Called Life (partially due to my unwavering obsession with Jared Leto at the time!).  I loved Clare Danes character with her red hair and awkwardness and Jordan Catalano was, like, um the coolest, enigmatic rebel in school who sang in a, like, totally awesome band called the 'Frozen Embryos'...

  Swoon...he's not just a pretty face though, he's like totally deep and emotional (ha ha).  Ah the checked/plaid shirt, the floppy hair and the leather thong around his neck.  To my 14 year old self he was a god.  I was devastated when the show was life was over (for about a week then I was ok again).  Let's all re-live the intro (and try and pause it on the bits were Jared Leto makes an appearance! (Not that I ever did that...):

Another show, another teenage crush. Party of Five! Although I could never make up my mind who was hotter...Charlie or Griffin? I pledged my heart to Griffin and my best pal loved Charlie (and still does!).  Hey Pam! Named and shamed. 
 It was another show of angsty goodness with verbally complex, hormonally charged teenagers with a general moral tale running throughout like 'don't get pregnant' or 'don't cheat on exams' or 'don't wear those really high-waisted jeans that make your ass look weird'.  I didn't really care about those hard-hitting issues back then though because I was too busy trying to decide who would be a better kisser out of Charlie and Griffin.  Such was the sadness of my mispent youth! Don't pretend like you didn't do the same though!

Ahhh, Griffin, how I loved thee (not now though because according to E! News you're bloated, spaced out and kinda weird)...

I'm spotting a trend in my teenage lustings...floppy hair anyone? I'm also sure he pretty much lived in a checked shirt as well.  90's gotta love it! Altogether now..."Everybody wants to live, like they wanna live..."

Although most of my favourite shows were from the US, this show was one of the exceptions.  Heartbreak High was a teenage drama set in Australia in quite a tough, working class school and it was probably seen to be rather more gritty than other shows at that time. 

It seemed to deal with more controversial subjects and yes, it spawned yet ANOTHER crush...Alex Dimitriades who played Nick Poulos. 

Listing all these crushes, you may get the impression that I am a fickle woman but my heart will always belong to Jordan Catalano! Or maybe Griffin...

Then of course there was Dawson's Creek and the strange thing about this one is that I didn't lust after either of the male leads yet I watched it religiously.  The whole Dawson and Joey 'will they?won't they?' scenario was dragged out and I lapped it up like a dehydrated kitten.  I caught an episode on SONY TV channel on Sky last week and it was hilarious.

It's hard to believe that I ever took the show seriously because they play 15 year olds but look 21, they use the advanced vocabulary of a literary boffin and no one ever dated for more than one or two episodes before they decided that they had to create some convoluted reason as to why they would never work out.  Depressing much? Yes, but as I say, the mind of a teenage girl is a strange place and I'm glad I got a one-way ticket out!

Looking over these shows brings back loads of memories though and it's funny to think back to when you and your friends would swoon over these TV heart throbs, tape the shows so you could watch them continuously and even kiss the posters of them guys did that too right? me? Ok. 

What were your must-see TV shows when you were a young teenager? Come on...fess up to the embarassing things you did! It'll be like therapy!

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