Sunday, June 26, 2011

FMX-Planking ? ?Tense your muscles, keep your body stiff?

On the sidelines of the third stop of the 2011 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, the planet?s best FMX athletes took again some time out to take part in some photographic action art. Australian Blake Williams and several other riders found themselves at the cutting edge of an art form known as ?Planking?.

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BR AWRD BG 9334 105x70 FMX Planking   Tense your muscles, keep your body stiff?
BR WILL JM 1003 105x70 FMX Planking   Tense your muscles, keep your body stiff?
RO WILL JM 0014 105x70 FMX Planking   Tense your muscles, keep your body stiff?

ROME (Italy) ? ?We travel around the world and get to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet,? said Blake ?planking? Williams in Rome. ?So obviously we?ve got to take some snapshots to have some lasting memories.? The 26-year-old Australian is one of the world?s best Red Bull X-Fighters ? the athletes perform daredevil tricks while jumping on motocross machines over distances of up to 30 meters and at heights of up to 15 meters. And when it comes to planking, Williams ranks as one of the best as well. The man who took fourth at the season opener in Dubai (UAE) has been lying as stiff as a board in a wide variety of locations at and around the venues of the international freestyle motocross tour, which this year is making stops in six countries on four continents.

?It?s even comparable to doing tricks on the bikes. When you?re planking, you?ve got to tense your muscles and keep your upper body stiff,? said Williams. His compatriot Robbie Maddison – the world renown Australian who mastered the Tower Bridge in London and holds the world record for the longest jump on a motocross bike ? explained: ?In our sport you?ve got to have the right extension, the right amount of body tension.? He added: ?It?s best when you?re on unusual objects and in unusual situations. Two weeks ago in Brazil, at the second stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters, I just felt an urge to spontaneously express my joy over that.? So Maddison assumed the planking position in front of 100,000 fans in the heart of the Brazilian capital with hundreds of TV cameras and photographers capturing the moment.

The action art was ?invented? in England and has since swept across Australia and the whole world. The athletes aren?t bothered about the question of whether planking will ever become mainstream.

?The attraction is to express yourself creatively,? said one athlete, who requested anonymity. ?At the venues we?ve got an incredible amount of possible spots. Landings, kickers, the seats of our bikes and a lot, lot more. We just can?t stop doing it.?

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