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Video: Neil Hodgson tests superstock BMW S1000RR

Neil Hodgson test superstock BMW S1000RR

Neil Hodgson test superstock BMW S1000RR

By Michael Neeves -

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24 June 2011 10:49

New MCN Road Tester and ex-WSB/BSB champ Neil Hodsgon got to throw his leg over two superstock spec Park Lane BMW BMW S1000RRs at Brands GP recently.

One of the BMW S1000RR?s, which is raced by Senior Road Tester, Michael Neeves in the MRO Powerbike championship is fitted with BMW?s new HP Power and Calibration Kit, which gives the machine more power, a smoother throttle response and the key to infinitely adjust the traction control.

Hodgson said: “It?s mind blowing to say that these are stock engined bikes. It?s hard to get your head around how bloody quick they are. They just keep revving. Going down the back straight, I know my Ducati used to wheelie a little bit, but not like this thing. I?m having to roll off because this thing will flip in 5th gear.”

We?re heading to Monza this weekend to test the Team Italia BMW S1000RR WSB bike, ridden by James Toseland in MCN in a few weeks? time.

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