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XSprint Full Throttle ? July 24, 2011

For Immediate Release – June 27, 2011

If your an off road motorcycle racer, or a fan who lives anywhere close to Ontario, the place to be on�July 24th�will be�the first�Full Throttle XSprint race�at the Welland County Motorcycle Club.

So what is a Full Throttle XSprint?

Full Throttle Format:

The XSprint Full Throttle is a bar-to-bar version of the standard XSprint. [b]Full Throttle uses the same tests as a standard XSprint however the tests are much shorter and the entire lap is timed rather than each individual test.[/b] All competitors ride multiple laps in a moto and multiple motos at each FT race.� The total time of all laps is used to determine placement.

Riders simply go from the pit area to the start area and line up by class. There may be several classes in a moto, however racers only race against their class as there will be staggered starts (ie if Pro and Vet Pro race the same moto Pro starts first and after a set time interval Vet Pro class will start). Depending on the number of entrants, racers will have between 30-60mins between motos.

The number of laps will be depending on the course length. Typically there will be between 3-5 laps per moto with 15-20mins for the full moto. There will be 4-5 motos each event.


Every XSprint course is made up of three special tests (Extreme, Enduro and Cross).

Extreme Test: Is designed to test the technical and physical dexterity of the riders and will be carried out on areas with sufficiently wide technical obstacles in order not to create a traffic jam. Terrain may be either man made, natural or a combination of both.

Enduro Test: typically a ?woods? setting with single/double track and may also include open terrain such as rolling hills, grass land etc.

Cross Test: MX type terrain that may be natural or manmade (ie MX track).


License: All XSprint races require a WEC CMRC XC race license to compete (a full CMRC MX license is also accepted). The license ($ 70 +HST) can be purchased online or at the event.�NOTE: FOR THE WELLAND EVENT ONLY THERE WILL BE A $ 30 DAY LICENSE AVAILABLE��������������

Transponder:� Every XSprint event is electronically scored and thus requires each racer to have a transponder. These transponders can be purchased at the event for $ 40 or rented for $ 20(with $ 40 deposit).�NOTE: FOR THE WELLAND EVENT ONLY THERE WILL BE NO RENTAL CHARGE FOR THE TRANSPONDER

Entry Fees: Each event organizer sets the entry fee but the cost will typically be $ 45.

So if you do not have a WEC/CMRC license it will cost you $ 75 to race for the day. If you do have a license then it only costs $ 45 to race. That is the best bang for your buck in Ontario off road racing.

For more information please contact Matthew McAnanama at��or 519-362-7314

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