Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Options from Hot Cams

Hot Cams has long been the standard for drop-in power. Now there are more options than ever before. Hot Cams gives you more options and more power than any other cams on the market. Stage 1 and Stage 2 for simple drop-in power and then Seven different ?builder series? cams that are targeted for the engine builder or garage mechanic who insist on his own ?custom grind?. To see the exact lift/duration specs of these cams visit . With nine total choices of cams you can pick the cam that is best for your fuel injected CRF 250R with Hot Cams.

The complete cams are $ 269.95-$ 295.95, some of the builder series do require the use of stiffer valve springs which are available from Hot Cams as well.

Hot Cams 2010-2012 CRF250R Cams
$ 269.95-$ 295.95.
Hot Cams 515-402-8005

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