Monday, June 20, 2011

Dignifying Spit With Jack Warner

The recent resignation of FIFA vice president Jack Warner (read about it here) saw the end of suspensions, bribery investigations, and another successful election of Sepp Blatter. Dignity has once again been lost in FIFA? But apparently not with Jack Warner's bodily fluids.

The up and coming Jack Warner, who has been the focus of bribery and corruption allegations for a few weeks, was suspended along with FIFA presidential hopeful Mohamed bin Hammam. Apparently, Warner and bin Hammam tried to pay FIFA voters from the Caribbean to vote for bin Hammam.

A recent probe by a very British Andrew Jennings, an investigative reporter, shows that not all dignity has been lost. Jennings confronts Warner at the Zurich Airport and graces Warner with some straightforward questions.

The awkward exchange seems like something from a Cohen Brothers film, only there are no pre-set scripts and actors. Warner means it when he says, "ask your mother." The strange conversation and answers by Warner are worth watching even if the guy tried to fraud an election.

And it also tells us that Jack Warner's spit has dignity.

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