Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andorra ? Difficult challenge ahead

Just a few kilometres through the Spanish border and into the small principality of Andorra sits the town of Sant Julia de Loria, which tomorrow will host round four of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship. Just one street back from the busy road that splits the town is the paddock, which has been squashed into the confines of a local public car park. From here the riders will climb the mountain that towers above their base camp to tackle the majority of the fifteen sections that will ultimately define the results of this weekend’s competition. The first ten sections are all in close proximity to each other, with the opening series of hazards being set on an ultra steep rock strewn hillside that sits in the relative shade of the trees that cover this area. From here the riders will climb further to the highest point on the course at one thousand three hundred metres and to the only water hazard, before they then descend through sections twelve, thirteen and fourteen that continue the steep and treacherous theme. The final man made test rests back amongst the buildings and just in front of the main town square. The combination of the altitude, heat and the sheer severity of the hazards means that the riders have a difficult challenge ahead of the
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