Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Remember I said I was looking for a good matte contour powder and I was going to look for a MAC blush to do the trick?...Well, I have found a fantastic contour powder in the most unlikely of places... Yes, it's another product from Sleek and they have really excelled themselves with this one. I was a bit dubious when I saw the contour colour as it looked quite dark for my skintone. This compact is the Light version (also comes in Medium and Dark) and it costs £5.99. The compact also features a highlighting powder thats a super pale biscuit colour. The compact has the usual compact black packaging and mirror in the lid...
Please note that the swatches below are applied darker to show up on camera. The contour pressed powder swatches the same colour as Bare Minerals Faux Tan (my current favourite contouring powder). I have decided though that Faux Tan is slightly better suited to night time wear as it has the slightest amount of shimmer (very very small amount). I really wanted a matte powder with no shimmer whatsoever and this Sleek compact has totally delivered what I wanted. The highlighting powder looked slightly too shimmery when I applied it to my arm for the swatch but when applied lightly, it gives a really pretty effect.
I found that the best brush to apply the contour powder was my Bare Minerals Angled Contour Brush to really be precise about where I am placing the colour. You really don't need alot of product and a soft tap in the pan is enough. The contour powder is really blendable so you're not left with any patchy/streaky bits.
I wanted to give you a demonstration of how this product looks once applied to the skin (please keep in mind that I don't have defined cheekbones naturally!). However, the combination of the contour powder applied lightly in the hollows of my cheeks and highlight powder lightly dabbed along the very top of the cheekbones makes me look like have proper cheekbones! Hurrah! Yah for fooling people with clever makeup! (ignore my moody monday facial expression)
I love the way this powder is perfect for daytime use with it's matte formula. I think it gives a really natural and subtle effect. The compact comes with a guide on how to contour your cheeks, eyes and nose so for anyone who's not sure about where to place the product, this is a great way to introduce yourself to this type of product. I never thought I would find such a great product for such a reasonable price but I am so happy that I did. This product is going in my wedding makeup bag but I will be using Nars Albatross to highlight as it's just that bit more finely milled.

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