Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dupe Alert and Quick Product Rave

I was tidying up my makeup collection today and it suddenly dawned on me that there was a great dupe hiding in there that I haven't mentioned on here before! The dupe in question is my much raved about ELF Mineral eyeshadow in Natural. I realised that it's almost identical to Bobbi Brown Metallic eyeshadow in Golden Peach... Ok, so the ELF packaging isn't quite as attractive as the Bobbi Brown product BUT when you're getting virtually the same colour for £3.50 instead of £14.50, well, you're not goingt to pass that up are you?! I mean, £14.50 is a helluva lot to pay, especially when the ELF e/s is actually smoother to apply and a better texture. Here's how the colours compare in the packaging...
I would say that the ELF e/s is very slightly warmer than the Bobbi Brown e/s but in my opinion that just makes it all the better. They look identical when applied on the lids anyway. I have also found that the shimmer particles are alot finer in the ELF e/s and you don't have to apply as much to get the desired effect. It really is SUCH a bargain and I would choose that over the Bobbi Brown e/s anyday.
I also wanted to rave a little about this moisturiser I was sent to try. I was also sent the cleanser and body lotion but this moisturiser was the only one that really stood out as something special. It's part of a range containing Rose Polyphensols and it promotes hydration, protection from the environment and radiance. After a week of using this moisturiser day and night my skin feels amazing! I have normal/combination skin most of the time so I get a bit oily on the t-zone but the rest of my face is pretty normal (I also get the odd breakout of dry skin in the winter). This moisturiser sinks in really quickly, smells divine and has really improved the texture and softness of my skin, the dryness I had on my chin and on my nose has completely gone. It's great as a base for makeup and I love the packaging, it looks great on my bathroom shelf (hot pink always works for me!). I have never tried the brand before but this is part of a new affordable range that has been available in pharmacies/drugstores since November
A 50ml tub of this moisturiser retails for around £9.00 which I think is pretty decent for such a great moisturiser. I always thought that Vichy was a more expensive brand so I kind of bypassed them but I think it's great that they have taken out a more purse friendly range. This cream really worked for my skin but as with all skincare, that doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you, but as it's such a reasonable price, I don't think it would break the bank to experiment if you're looking for a moisturiser that will really soothe and hydrate your skin without feeling greasy or too heavy.

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