Saturday, January 9, 2010

Raquel Welsh Inspired FOTD

Ever since watching this Pixiwoo video on You Tube I have wanted to try this look out, it's so glamourous and I just love that sexy, sleepy eyemakeup look that so many starlets have used over the decades.

If you don't know who Raquel Welsh is, then here's a pic to give you an idea of what her look was all about...This wasn't the exact look that Nic from Pixiwoo did in her tutorial but it's similar. The look is all about matte bronzed skin, contouring, brown e/s and a nude lip. This was my first time I have tried this look and I kinda decided to do it on a whim, I was going out to meet a few friends and felt like trying something new (not so much colours but techniques and playing with the shape of my eye with e/s). I decided to tone down the look slightly as something this dark would possibly make me look a bit tired. So I skipped the false eyelashes, used a little less Carbon e/s in the crease and was light handed with the bronzer but apart from that, I followed the tutorial to the letter. And here's the finished result..

When your eye is open, the look is very subtle but all the drama of this look is in the crease using MAC Satin Taupe and a teensy bit of MAC Carbon e/s to accentuate... I really enjoyed slightly changing my eye shape by extending the Satin Taupe out towards my temple and using the gel eyeliner to draw a line parallel to that (I also followed the video and applied a white liner under the gel liner at the very outer corners to sharpen the line). Doing all that extends and lifts the outer corners of your eye. Here's a close up to show you what I mean...
The only thing that didn't go to plan is my mascara (I used Lancome Hypnose Drama) went a bit spidery and I hate it when that happens! So you'll have to excuse that.

I am making it my mission to try out one of their looks each week to avoid getting stuck in a makeup rut. Sometimes I find myself doing the same look every time I go out just because it's easy, I'm on autopilot and it's quick. But it was really fun to sit at the mirror with the laptop and follow the was like playtime! Makeup is always a pleasure, never a chore.

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