Sunday, January 17, 2010

ELF Bronzed Mineral Glow

Sometimes ELF products can be a bit hit and miss but I've found that the Studio and Mineral lines have been my favourite. I've found another great product in the shape of their Bronzed Mineral Glow... I'm generally not a big fan of loose powders as they can be messy and you always end up piling too much on your brush. However, as long as you store this pot upright, the powder only comes out when you tap it into the lid. And even when you do tap it in, it doesn't all tip out like some other products can. There has been alot of makeup coloured stains on my carpets in the past! You can control this more to an extent.
I prefer mineral powder as they are generally very finely milled and overall they are kinder to your skin. This powder has very very slight shimmer but it's only visible when you swatch it quite thickly on your hand. The shimmer doesn't show up on your face and that makes it brilliant for daytime use. No one wants to be all shimmery in the harsh daylight! The colour is very natural and just lifts the complexion to create a more healthy, glowing complexion.
At £5.00, I think this is really good value for money as you get quite alot of product and I think it would also last a long time, given that you're not wasting any of it. I love the subtle effect it gives and I reckon I will keep buying this in the future as an everyday inexpensive staple product. They also do a pink toned one that is designed to brighten the complexion so I would be interested to find out what that's like.
Has anyone else tried this product?

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