Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ALDO made me do it!

It wasn't my fault...I was minding my own business, just browsing the net, I happened to innocently click on the ALDO website link (ok, so maybe I typed the address) and there it was...a SALE! So I thought, well, I'll just have a look, I won't buy anything... ...So I bought something, well 3 pairs of somethings to be exact! But keep in mind, it wasn't my fault, ALDO had reduced these shoes by so much that it would have been outrageous to pass the bargains by. The first pair I got are beige snakeskin effect platform court shoes and I LOOOOOVE them. They will go with so many things in my wardrobe and the pale, almost flesh colour, means that they make your legs look super long...bonus! The next pair ALDO made me buy are these babies...
I really like the studded/eyelet details and they will add a bit of edge to some of the dresses I have. I always like to have a staple pair of black 'going out' shoes'. I think my favourites have to be these though...
They kinda remind me of ballet shoes but with a killer platform and heel! They are a gorgeous oyster pale beige colour and surprisingly comfortable! The only thing that's bothering me now is that I can't wear them until this bloody snow clears up! I doubt that will be anytime soon as the temperatures are dropping and there's more snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow! I'm sick of sliding around on the pavements now!

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