Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So how tough are motocross riders?

VIDEO TAB3 105x59 So how tough are motocross riders?

On Saturday night in Hamburg, Germany Britain’s best heavyweight boxer David Haye challenged the big Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko to unify all the world championship heavyweight belts.

The fight itself was worth �10m to each fighter and a world wide TV audience of millions. Haye lost to the bigger and better man but the after fight interview left a sour taste for many fight fans as Haye complained he didn’t perform to his best ability due to a broken little toe – if you watched the fight his movement around the ring seemed fine dodging and weaving the big hammers of Klitschko so was it really that bad or was it just Haye being a sore loser?

Watch the video of Haye after the fight and make your own mind up.

This brings me back to motocross, having been involved with the sport for years I’ve seen and heard of riders riding with broken hands, dislocated shoulders, destroyed knees, concussion, smashed teeth due to rocks the list just goes on and on. With motocross the riders are doing 50mph over rough terrain, jumping 50ft plus sometimes in 100 degree heat for 40 minutes.

Riding with injuries is all part and parcel of motocross and for must without the massive financial gain of many other sports.

So when a highly paid sportsman moans he lost because his little toe was damaged three weeks before the event it just doesn’t cut the mustard – man up for god sake and the �10m must have numbed the pain no matter how bad it was.

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