Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holiday Clothes Haul

A holiday to Greece is as good an excuse as any to stock up on some summer clothes.  On my recent trip to Cork, I took a visit to A Wear, since I almost always find something there that I love.  My first mission was to get a maxi dress.  I have never worn one before but since everyone raves that they are so comfortable, so easy to wear and an easy way to do summer sophistication, I felt like this was something I had to tap into!

I spotted this fuschia chiffon maxi dress in A Wear a mile off (it's actually by boutique brand, Miss Harvey).  I love the colour and the floral design and it has the oh-so-handy elasticated section at the back which is a god send for bigger busted ladies like myself.  I have real problems finding dresses that fit me properly because when it fits up top, it's too loose on my torso and vice versa.  But with this stretchy section, I was able to buy a size 10 that fits perfectly.  Also, the stretchy section makes the garment so much more comfortable.

The knotted detail at the bust is also really flattering and I like that the dress doesn't show too much cleavage, making it perfect for daytime wear.  The straps are detachable and can also be altered at the back.  The waist is slightly dropped so it nips in at the smallest part of the body.  It has moulded cups so you don't have to wear a bra and that gives it shape and more support if you want to wear it as a strapless dress. This makes the dress very slimming!

I couldn't find this dress on the A Wear website but if you have a store local to you, then it's worth checking out!

I had been looking for a cute white cotton summer dress and this one fit the bill perfectly.  It's slightly retro with a 50's feel, it has a feminine bodice-style torso, it's the perfect length (about 2 inches above the knee), it has the cutest ruffles on it that don't make you look huge and it minimises the appearance of my chest.  Could I ask for anything more?

Once again it has the genius stretchy section at the back, adjustable straps and a decorative tie back.  It's so easy to wear and the cotton fabric will be super cool in the summer heat of Greece!

This dress is by A Wear and was £15 in their sale (down from £30) and you can buy it here.

I loved this dress so much, I got the polka dot version too!  This is the cutest summer dress ever and looks better on than it does on the hanger.  It lends a 50's silhouette that really flatters curvier girls.

This dress was also from A Wear and was £20 (down from £40) and you can buy it here.

Next up is a dress from the boutique brand, Jasmine and this brand is also available in A Wear.  I liked the Mediterranean feel to the pattern on the dress and once again, the fresh cotton is perfect for hot days.

The cros over neckline is perfect to flatter a larger chest without showing obscene amounts of boobage!  And there we have the stretchy back section again (praise the lord)...

Once again, I couldn't find this dress on the A Wear website but you could try looking in your local store.  I know they also stock Jasmine in various boutique stores around the country too.

I never normally look in Wallis because it strikes me as the type of store that caters for the more mature lady.  However, when I was in Cork, my magpie radar went off the scale when this sparkly number caught my eye...

Its a sheer white longline top with ombre embellishments in various shades of grey/silver.  It has loose short sleeves that drape in a really pretty way.  It would be perfect with skinny jeans or with a pair of those drapey, floaty shorts that are around at the moment.  I still haven't decided whether I need a silk camisole under it to avoid the 'oh my god everyone is looking at my bra' moment.

This top was from Wallis and it was £45.  You can buy it here.

Speaking of those short that are around at the moment, I found a great pair in A Wear for a bargainous price.  They are super soft, very comfortable and a great length that means you don't have to worry about people getting a glimpse of your ass when you bend over.

These shorts were only £8.50 (down from £28.00).  You can buy them here.

This next dress is from the same boutique brand as the fuschia maxi, Miss Harvey.  I thought it was really sweet and would be a great daytime dress for my holiday.

This dress is another one that looks better on than it does on the hanger.  It's quite short in comparison to the other dresses I got so that stops the whole floral/lace theme from being too frumpy.

This is another one you would have to go searching for in your local A Wear as it's not on their website now either.

I really rate Dune shoes for style and durability.  I have pairs that have lasted for years and I was delighted to find a pewter version of the pair I already have.  This style is so comfortable, it's unreal plus they go with just about anything.

They have a zip up back and a small wedge heel (I am incapable of wearing completely flat shoes because I inevitably look like a clown!)

They were only £27.00 (down from £55) with free delivery so a veritable bargain!  Here's the link for the shoes on Amazon.

I have wanted these sandals for ages and when I saw them on sale in Cork, I wanted to snap them up.  BUT they only had a size 6 and even though I tried them on (why do we do that when we KNOW they won't fit!?), the sight of my poor tootsies squashed to oblivion made me realise I couldn't have my beloved shoes.

However...after spotting them in the ASOS sale, I gave out a little squeal (seriously) and hurried on over to the website as fast as my little fingers could type.

These sandals are so gorgeous with their metallic gold colour, pretty fabric and jewel embellishments and slight wedge heel.

They are my perfect summer sandals and are going to look amazing with just about anything I team them with.

They were £45.00 (down from £75.00) with free delivery.  They are definitely worth that price because they feel so sturdy, well made and they are very comfy.  Here's the link for the shoes on ASOS if you fancy picking up a pair.

Where have you found your perfect summer clothes?

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