Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video Highlights: Round 7 AMA Motocross 2011 Millville MX ? includes Chad Reed crash

Round 7 AMA Professional MX – Spring Creek MX in Miiiville! Plus, for your extra added viewing pleasure, you’ve got one of the crashes of the year …. decade …. century! But he’s still got the series points lead in the Motocross clas, and that’s Mr. Chad Reed! Hometown rider and 2010 defending Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey was the overall winner, with Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto second. In 250 MX Lites, you’ve got Pro-Circuit Kawasaki domination at the top - Tyla Rattray wins this weekend, Dean Wilson second, and Blake Baggett third!

Watch the Video Highlights courtesy of MXSports. And you can see photos, results and points from the Millville race here!

Features –

John Dowd John Draper Doug Dubach Ryan Dungey Vic Eastwood

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