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Grand Prix of Latvia ? Rider comments

So many riders showed good speed in Latvia last weekend, be it the winners Cairoli and Roczen, of some others, names like Bobryshev, Frossard, Searle, Herlings, Anstie and so many more. Here are some comments from those riders about their weekend in the beautiful Latvia.

Tony Cairoli

It was an awesome weekend. Every time I was on the track I as in front. It was an amazing feeling. I?m getting stronger and stronger every weekend and my speed is getting better. I enjoyed both races. I led from the first lap of the first race but Frossard was strong at the end and I had some trouble with a back marker but in the end it was enough to won. I got a good start in the second race and managed to get enough to control it.

Max Nagl

?I?m more confident now and I know I can do the same speed as Tony and the guys because I was able to keep up with them in the first heat. The riding went well and things are going much better since we made some changes with the setup.

Ken Roczen

?It was pretty amazing because I was far off the pace in practice and even though I was pushing hard I couldn?t make good lap times. Then I won the first moto by a good gap and I saved a lot of energy for the second. I got a good start in the second and I let Jeffrey by to check out his lines. Then when there was about 15 minutes to go I put my head down, pushed past him and went on to pick up some good points.?

Jeffrey Herlings

I showed I had the speed and I came second so I?m not disappointed. I lost some points on Ken but I didn?t lose against Tommy (Searle). My injury didn?t really worry me but I didn?t win because I made some mistakes.

Davide Guarneri

?Several things happened to prevent me getting the results I would have wished for this weekend, but one really positive thing which I can take from this GP is the fact that I finished both races for the first time in many weeks. We worked on the suspension this week and I had a good feeling with the bike already on Saturday; I got the fourth position in the timed practice session, close to the pole, and then finished seventh in the qualifying race. My first start in the GP wasn?t so good; I started nineteenth but fought through to eleventh, close to Ramon. In the second moto I was eleventh at the start and moved up to ninth, fighting with Philippaerts, but maybe I was pushing too hard because in the last five minutes of the race I felt really tired and had to surrender three positions. The result is not fantastic but it was a good step; my speed was OK and I had a good feeling with the bike.?

Jake Nicholls

?It was a chaotic weekend and started when I had to come from last to fourteenth in the qualification heat. My riding was good but I was not happy with having to do that. Today was the same thing. I went down by myself in the first corner and it was a silly mistake, I just lost the front. I thought I rode well to get twelfth. In the second race I had an average start and just put my head down. I reached eighth and felt really good. I stepped it up and passed Kullas and Teillet to take sixth. Osborne was not pulling away but I couldn?t set my sights on him because we had a problem with the bike and we still don?t know what it is yet. I lost power and it was dangerous to jump. There was just five minutes left so obviously I lost sixth and I don?t know how I managed to get eighth to be honest. It is frustrating and it could have been so much better but there are some positives to take from here.?

Jordan Booker

?In the first race I had a really bad start and managed to get through a bit of carnage in the first turn. I kept pushing and got up to twenty-fourth before I ran off the track and just avoided catching the green fence in my rear wheel. I pushed back up to twenty-second and kept positive. In the second one I was forced wide on the first turn but just kept going and moving up and reached eighteenth, which Is my best one so far so I?m stoked with that.?

Gregory Aranda

?The track was not so rough when I came here two years ago but this weekend it was bumpy and hard. My first start was average but I fought back to fourteenth; that was not so bad even if I am looking for better than that after the surgery on my arms. I was twelfth at the start of the second race but the track was getting rougher and rougher and I was no longer happy with my suspension settings. Because of my injuries we didn?t have so much time to test on tracks like this as the French tracks are not so rough. Now, after my wrist surgery, I?ve a better feeling and we will work on the settings; for sure Lommel will be difficult, but then we have a couple of GPs at tracks where I can show what I am capable of.?

Tommy Searle

?Third again here in Latvia ! That was OK but the track was really dangerous in the second moto. I?ve a very bad blister to my hand since the beginning of the first moto; it made it really difficult to ride the bike in the second moto but I got a second and a third and that?s very good points. I struggled with the lines in the second moto; it was the bumpiest track of the year and it wasn?t much fun to ride. It was the first time I have been here; it was not too bad on Saturday, but it was easy to make mistakes and today I nearly crashed so many times so I?m happy to be on the podium. My starts were not so great; I don?t know why I can?t get good jumps off the grid, because I did it in the past, and for sure things would be easier with good starts. We have a weekend off now and it will be nice to have a short break as I need time for my hand to heal up. But I will also have to ride in the sand to prepare for Lommel. I know how to ride in deep sand, but I need a few days of practice to find a good feeling in the sand.?

Steven Frossard

I had a bad start in the first moto and for around twenty minutes I didnt have a good feeling on the track and was getting some arm-pump. I looked for the better lines and I was able to get faster and smoother. I came back very well even though it was difficult to pass the other riders. I almost caught Antonio but couldnt manage it. Anyway I was happy. I felt fit and ready for the second moto and passed Antonio on the first lap but he got me back. I started to look at the lines and kept with him but when I heard a couple of noises from the bike I focussed on taking second and making the finish. I was able to play on the bike and with the track this weekend and I hope it will be the same next time in the sand.

David Philippaerts

Im happy with today because last year I found the track very difficult but this time I was riding fast. I think it was possible to finish in the top three during the second moto but I made a mistake at the start with Nagl and I was held back. My lap-times were good after that even though the state of the track meant it was hard work. This is not my favourite place so Im happy to have form like this. I took some risks to pass but I overtook a lot of riders and this was something else positive. My condition is good and this is important ahead of Lommel and Loket. The bike was working really well today. With Fabio we made a few changes to the suspension and they worked out. We will have a weekend off now but we will be in Belgium getting ready in the sand.

Max Anstie

?It was a tough race. It was really hot and I continue to build, build and build my condition. My fastest lap actually came on the very last lap of the second moto and I finished so close to Tommy. It?s a shame that I again finished fourth; it?s the fourth time this year that I have missed the podium by one place! My training programme is so good, and I have again proved that I feel strong when the conditions are tough with a bumpy track like this one. Sometimes on Saturday it takes me some time to get used to the tracks as I have never ridden them before; I have to learn the lines and how to tackle the obstacles, but here it was OK and in the end the most important is to be fast on the race day! We still have a few more races left and my goal is to be on the podium at least once this year. The next race is in Belgium and I love Lommel; I have ridden there since I was very young, and this winter I was there with Jeffrey (Herlings). I love sand, I?m feeling better than ever and I can?t wait to be there for the GP!?

Ken De Dycker

?Today was all right, although it could have been better. I didn?t have such a good start in the first moto, but was struggling to find good lines and consistent speed. The second race wasn?t much better and I lost some positions in the first few laps. I could pick it up a bit more at the end, but felt tired. We have a break before Lommel, but I expect things will be better there.?

Evgeny Bobryshev

?I am so happy to be on the podium once again but I cannot really think right now because my brain is boiled! It was really hot out there and the pace was really quick. I feel like I am comfortable on the podium now and want to be here every week.?

Rui Gon�alves

?This was a really good result and I was very happy with the way I rode in the second moto, coming through the pack. I just relaxed and let things flow and this is when I ride at my best. I just need to sort things out a bit in the first moto but overall it has been a good day.?

Shaun Simpson

?It was a tough weekend. I didn?t like the track last year and didn?t like it this year! It could be such a nice track, but every time we come here it seems to be getting harder and harder. I just tried to struggle on as best I could.It was important to get a start and I did that in the first moto, but didn?t feel that great and faded back. I was lucky to get through the mess on the first corner of the second race, but after that my first ten minutes were shocking. I was much better towards the end and my laps were consistent and fast. I felt OK. It has been a hard three weeks and I?m looking forward to Lommel.?

Zach Osborne

?It could have been better obviously but in the first race I didn?t have a lot to ?go? with. In the second I found a good rhythm. I rode with Max and we both caught up to Tommy but when we hit a couple of lappers I felt ?done?. I didn?t have enough reserves to push up and try and pass those guys. I just settled on what I had. I think this is one of the better tracks of the year. It is gnarly and the way it is now, rough and square-edged, it is definitely world championship calibre. It is one of the only places we go to that has this surface that is both hard and kinda sandy. I am feeling better day by day and yesterday was the fittest I felt in a few weeks. I seem to take a few steps forward and then back, forward and then back. I?ll be fighting through the rest of the year. 7-5 is not bad today but I think I am capable of two top fives every weekend no matter how sick I am. The next GP is really challenging for me and I have a lot to prove there so I?ll be looking forward to it.?

Arnaud Tonus

?It?s pretty disappointing because I had a good chance of taking decent points here and the DNF is not good for the championship. I felt the wheel go and luckily was near the pit-lane but we were too far behind by the time I got out. We still have a busy few weeks now with the British championship and then onto Lommel and Czech Republic. So we will look for better there.”


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