Thursday, July 21, 2011

High Fives with Jordan Divall

We managed to catch up with MXY2 rider Jordan Divall to see how things have been going for him and what his plans are for next years racing…

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MOTO – You had a big crash not long ago at Whitby, what happened?
Yeah well the crash at whitby I don’t really remember anything about it to be honest. I was knocked out until I was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I’ve heard from people that my front end dropped and my hand came off and I landed into the face of the next jump but I came away with only a sprained wrist so I was happy.

MOTO – Did you miss any of your championship rounds?
Yeah I missed the 3rd round of the BYMX wich was at dean moore but I was able to ride at desert martin.

MOTO – How many series are you racing in this year, and what’re you standing best in?
“I am racing in 3 championships this year which are the BYMX, MXY2 and the Elite rookies. I am currently standing 2nd in the mxy2 which is my best position so far. I’m also 5th in the Elite rookies, I was 4th but had 2 dnf’s at whitby. The BYMX championship I’m not sure where I’m standing in that due to missing the 3rd round at Dean Moor.”

MOTO – Where is your next big event?
“My next event is on the 30th and the 31st of July at Canada Heights for the Elite Youth Cup.”

MOTO – Once this year is out of the way, what’s your plans? Will we see you in the pro races?
“Once the season has finnished my plans will be to go and train down with Dave Thorpe he helped me with fitness a lot in the winter last year so he is defiantly the man to be with! He’s also pritty fit to for and old man. Nah its real good to be down there with a lot of faster riders and its a good place to be. The plans are to be in the pro races like the british championship and the red bull pro natinals but we will see what happens.

I’d like to thank Evo-Tech, Stevens Engineering, LG gaerne,, devil exhaust pipes, VG Builders, Rock Oil, Shoei helmets and just everyone who has helped me this year!”

MOTO – Thanks Jordan and good luck with the rest of the year..

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