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Number Knowledge

Matthes note- This story originally ran back in Racer X Canada a few years ago but I was going through my archives and thought we should run it again but with updated info. I also got comments from Doug Dehaan and Carl Vaillancourt recently as well.

Getting an AMA national number is always something that a rider should be very proud of. It means that you?ve raced the best in the world and come away better than 50% of the rest of the field. So me and my buddy Gerald Kinast were wondering how many Canadians have scored a National number and thanks to Connie Flemming at the AMA, I have scoured all the numbers from 1980 on and this is what I came up with.� We made some calls and got some tidbits about some of the guys and their numbers. If your name is on this list, please take a bow?..


#54-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat,AB-?I remember in 1981 I towed my bike around on a trailer behind a Z-28! Just me and my girlfriend running #447 on a Kawasaki.?

#90-Zoli Berenyi, Edmonton, AB


#47-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB

#99-Zoli Berenyi, Edmonton, AB


#37-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB-?I raced an RM500 in the AMA Nationals, it wasn?t even released in the USA! Lots of strange looks.?


#60-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB

#61-Mike Harnden, Oshawa, ONT-?I raced one race and went 14-9 at Mt Morris 500 class. It didn?t count for points but I finished 13-14 at the 250 USGP in Unadilla?

#73-Doug Hoover, Mt Albert, ONT-?I would?ve had a better number this year but I crashed with Fred Andrews at Houston in the 250 main while running 6th or 7th?


#44-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB

#83-Mike Harnden, Oshawa, ONT-?I had my best finish at Millville in the 500?s again. 7th overall.?

#97-Doug Hoover, Mt Albert, ONT-?I barely did any US races this year, a lot of the dates conflicted with local Ontario races, which Honda wanted me to do.?

Rollerball chases after Rick Johnson in ’87.


#25-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB-?This was my best year in the states, I have my fondest memories from ?87. Third overall at Hangtown and Binghamton?

#68- Arnaud Bernard, Quebec

#72-Doug Hoover, Mt Albert, ONT

#87-Shane Drew, Thunder Bay, ONT-?I got all my points in one moto, it was a real mudbath-Binghamton NY?

Shane Drew got his first number this year. He earned #87 twice!


#17-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB ??I switched to Suzuki this year and struggled a bit with the change.?

#77-Mike Harnden, Oshawa, ONT

#79-Doug Hoover, Mt Albert, ONT-?I hung out with Ross in the states for a bit this year, and we would train together. I realized quickly that what I thought was enough wasn?t even close. Ross showed me how hard he trained and that enabled me to beat him in the Canadian 500 series this year.?


#33-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB

Vaillancourt with his shiny new number on a CR125.

#81-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?Stopped at Millville on way to Austin, Manitoba and got all my points that way. One race only in the USA this year.?

#87-Shane Drew, Thunder Bay, ONT- ?My best finish was Millville in the 500?s. I got 12th or something like that, was running 7th for 25 min. I earned 12 AMA points this year and ended up with the same number as when I scored 7.?


#56-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB

#77-Al Dyck, Abbotsford, BC

#85-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?I did good at Gainesville and was up in the top ten before crashing. I got all my points from the 500 nationals after the Canadian series?


#60-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ-

Carl earned this number mostly from his finish at the mudder at Hangtown in ’91.


#57-Carl� Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?I got this number from the mud race at Hangtown, when it was one moto I got 13th or something.?

#80-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat, AB-? I didn?t get a number in ?91 because of injury and was pretty much at the end here. I wasn?t racing Supercross anymore, just the 250 outdoors?

#81-Bill Wallin, Barrie, ONT

Bad Bill Wallin on his AMA #80 Suzuki, if you look closely- you may be able to see his dog.


#58-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?I started to race Southwick all the time around this year but I was on a Suzuki and couldn?t race the 500 nationals anymore because they didn?t make one.?

#67-Darrell Martens, Abbotsford, BC-?I raced all the 500 nationals this year, my best finish was 13-11 at Millville, Minnesota. I rode a Honda and was number 326.?

#78-Ross Pederson, Medicine Hat AB


#69-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ-? This was from one race, I went 7-9 at Gainesville.?

#80-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ


#78-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#92-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?Two nationals for me this year, I was starting to go to school and could only race a couple of races. Gainesville and Southwick were it and I got my points at Southwick.?


#44-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#63-Jason Frenette, Red Deer, AB-?I raced two rounds this year, my best finish was 11-15 at Hangtown?

#87-Carl Vaillancourt, Drummondville, PQ- ?I got this from only two races I did?

#93-Marty Burr, (need hometown)


#43-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#55-Jason Frenette, Red Deer, AB-?I got a ride with Manchester Honda for part of the nationals (same team as Damon Bradshaw) but did better on my own, living in my van?


#65-Jason Frenette, Red Deer, AB

#80-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#91-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT


#21-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#78-Blair Morgan, Prince Albert, SK-?My first number, I scored points in the 125 class at Steel City and Binghamton.?

#89-Marco Dube , St Francois-Xavier-De-Vigor, PQ


#31-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ


#41-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#74-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT- “11th in the 250 main in Las Vegas, I blockpassed Grayson Goodman in the last turn for the spot.”

#83-Marco Dube, St Francois-Xavier-De-Vigor, PQ


#40-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#61-Marco Dube, St Francois-Xavier-De-Vigor, PQ

#74-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT- “This was mostly supercross, I had a mechanical and rode injured this year. I did train with Heath Voss most of the year.”


#36-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#63-Darcy Lange, Courtney, BC

#66-Blair Morgan, Prince Albert, SK-?My best finish was Steel City where I went 11-7.?

#90-Marco Dube, St Francois-Xavier-De-Vigor, PQ


#67-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#79-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT- “I was on Motorsport Outlet that year with Bill Tanner team manager, couple of outdoor good finishes I think.”

#81-Marco Dube, St Francois-Xavier-De-Vigor, PQ

#89-Blair Morgan, Prince Albert, SK-?This was the year I did the most races in the US, I think I did six.?


#72-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#80-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT- “This was for a tenth place at the World SX round in Toronto, the qualifying wasn?t easy but the main was hard. Newf made the podium in the 125. I was on a YZ250 in the big bike class.”

#82-Blair Morgan, Prince Albert, SK


#67-Jean-Sebastian Roy, Actonvale, PQ

#90-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT- “I rode for the Butler Brothers team, I got some points here and there. Jason Thomas helped me get the ride, him and I were Euro racing buddies.”


#63-Dusty Klatt, Campbell River, BC

#96-Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ONT


#83- Dusty Klatt


No Canadians earned a number


#95- Tyler Medaglia

Number of times a Canadian held a number


Ross Pederson-11

















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