Monday, July 18, 2011

Grand Prix of Latvia ? Podium Comments

The Grand Prix of Latvia was a great event with a lot of intense action and two great winners. Antonio Cairoli took his 40th GP win and Ken Roczen moved closer to his first ever World Motocross Championship. Here are the rider comments from the six podium finishers.

Antonio Cairoli

For sure I am happy, I was first in all the sessions this weekend. I feel better week after week and I know I can build more speed. I wanted to work on finding some extra speed and that is a mental thing and I improved that. In the first moto I was riding good and I didn?t want to make a mistake and I wasn?t taking risk and then they told me that Stephen was coming fast, but then with a lapped rider I lost like one and a half second and then Stephen was right behind me but I got the win. My expectations it to win both motos I look forward to this Grand Prix and I live there since 2004 and it?s like a home Grand Prix for me. I don?t think too much about the Championship, but I was struggling with small mistakes and crashed and now I am just looking forward to having fun and it?s good for my fans. The track was better last year, if they rip the more and more lines. There were a lot of sharp bumps and for me it was much better, this morning was better than yesterday but then the last race was dusty and slippery. I had a lot of trouble with lappers and I can understand people who are fighting for a place, but some riders are alone and they still don?t move over.

Stephen Frossard

For sure I lost some energy in the first moto I had a bad start and after 20 minutes I didn?t feel well and I had arm pump and then my feeling started feeling better and I tried to find good lines and then it was very good and smooth. If I ride like this I can be very fast and I came back well in that first moto. It was difficult to come back, but the last lap I couldn?t get Antonio. The second moto I felt good and I took a good start and I passed Antonio and then he passed me again and I tried to find good lines and pass him after 20 minutes, but then I had a problem and I preferred to ride for my second place. This weekend I played with my bike and also the track and for the sand it must also be like this. If I play I am good in my heat, but I wasn?t so good physically. In the second moto I had some problems with my bike, but I finished second, so it?s good, it was a small problem.

Evgeny Bobryshev

Sure first place it the best, but these guys are the best riders in the World and I should be pumped for this result, the track was so hard and it was hard to hold the bike and I was like a little like I need to take it easy. I didn?t want to make a big mistake and I just did my best and I couldn?t jump higher than me head. I vomited a little in my helmet in one moto and I didn?t feel good, but I am happy with my third place. I want to thank the fans, I really want to thank them, my friends said last year they would come and then they said they wouldn?t come at the last minute, and I said stop talking BS and now they came this year and I want to thank them for that. My father always tells me have a good race, but stay calm.

Ken Roczen

I feel really good even after the second moto, but I am happy with my riding and I knew the second moto would be hard and I picked it up a little bit like after 15 minutes to go and it was hard on the hands, I don?t have blisters, but I have pain in my hands and I am super happy. After practice I was off the pace, but I was riding at my home track and it wasn?t the same as this one. There were some small bumps, I even think Lommel is better, you have sand all the time, but here it was square bumps and hard and soft. Actually I wasn?t worried, after he went by I stood behind and he had a gap for two seconds and I picked it up a little bit and passed him. He made a mistake or something. I had good lines and it was good to follow him and see where he rides, I was just watching my own lines.

Jeffrey Herlings

I hoped to do a bit better, I had some bad luck, I had the speed for winning, but I didn?t make it happen and Ken got the better of me. I felt strong and I did a good job from dead last and I was third and I couldn?t get past Tommy, it was impossible to get past him. I had some spark plug problems, in the second moto I tried to stay with Ken and then I passed him and he made my nervous and then I was hoping and planning to attack at the end, but like 10 minutes to go I went down and settled back for second. I hope I can do well in Lommel, I want to come out on top there, it?s been a while since I have won and I seem to be always second behind Ken, but I need to make it happen in Lommel. This isn?t sandy at all, on top there is a little sandy, but this isn?t sandy. The track was hard on the hand and it as rough, but I got second, so I can?t complain.

Tommy Searle

Track was hard work, like they said with the hands and there are so many square bumps and the second race was dangerous with the dust, I think it was okay. Jeffrey came from a long way back and I passed some guys. I could see him coming and I tried to stay in front of him and that worked out okay. The second moto I had really sore hands and Ken and Jeffrey got away. I was struggling to hold onto the bike and I came through to third. It wasn?t a great race for me, but considering everything I did okay. I had some blisters in the first moto and it was so hard to hold on and not much fun. It would be nice to get a holeshot, each start is so different with the ground, if it was perfect dirt and always the same it would be easier, but it?s always different. It?s sometimes slippery and I am often mid-pack and that is tough. If I rode the MX1 class at the des nations then I would probably ride the 450 and not the 250.


Sylvain Geboers Broc Glover Rui Goncalves Josh Grant Billy Grossi

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