Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thundersport forced to cancel July race weekend at Donington

Thundersport may not get to Donington Park this year at all

By David Miller
Image by Steve Gough

Following Donington Park’s forced re-shuffle of its events calendar which included the demise of World Endurance at the Leicestershire circuit, Thundersport is also having to re-imagine its schedule as part of the fallout.

The club did have two dates booked at Donington and it looks like the first of which, at the end of next month, will have to be cancelled altogether while the second at the end of October may be moved to another venue if needs be.

“Given the timescales involved, we feel the lead in period is too short to replace the 30th/31st July event, so that weekend will unfortunately be dropped from the Thundersport GB 2011 Championship and its content moved to the October weekend,” said Thundersport boss Dave Stewart.

“We have been offered several alternative dates at other venues in the July/August period, but we felt that it would be unfair to change the date as we know that many people have arranged other commitments on the non-racing weekends that we originally set aside.

“The 22nd/23rd October event provides us with a little more leeway and we are in active discussions with both Donington Park and several other venues with regard to retaining this date.

“We intend to conclude those discussions in the next three weeks and we will then issue new information as required. This meeting is planned to contain all championship classes in order to tie in with the original Championship Regulations.”

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