Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of the Blue with Denaye Giroux

By Allison Kennedy

The Yamalube Schrader?s SMX Racing?s Denaye Giroux went 1-1 in Nanaimo for the overall. The win gives her an 8-point lead heading into the final round in Calgary this weekend. It isn?t the first time Giroux has had the advantage going into the final race, but this time, she?s determined to prevail and claim the #1 West plate.

Hey Denaye. First off, congratulations on the win. Was that the first overall of your career? How did it feel?

No, it wasn?t my first overall, I actually went 1-1 at Edmonton last year, and it felt just as good this time. It felt great to do something for my sponsors and my team and all the people who help support me.

Had you raced Nanaimo before and what did you think of the track?

Yes, I had ridden there before the last time the Nationals stopped there. The track was so much better this time. It didn?t get dusty at all and it didn?t really get that rough. It was a lot like the tracks I ride at home. There are lots of jumps, which is awesome for me.

Yes, I heard you were hitting some of the big jumps and outdoing a few guys.

That?s awesome.

Tell us a bit about your motos in Nanaimo?

In the first moto, I got a really good start and I was just up front by myself really. I just rode smart and took the win. In the second moto, I got off the gate about third a and I jumped over a few girls and moved into the lead fairly quickly.

Tell us a bit about the opener in Kamloops?

Man, I hate that track, and this year it was the roughest it?s ever been. I just get myself so psyched out for that event, just with all the stress about it being the first round and you don?t know where you are going to stand. I had the speed to win there but I made a few mistakes and it didn’t work out that way.

What has the competition been like in the ladies class so far? I hear there have been some good battles?

The entries have been down a bit but the top five ladies are all really close in speed so that?s been making for some really good battles.

There have been some familiar names in the mix, some missing, and some new ones.

Yes, Shelby Turner got quite hurt just before the season so that really sucks.

Were you surprised by Sidney Dickson?s speed in Kamloops?

No, I wasn?t surprised. I knew she was going to be fast. We trained together at PerformX a few years ago and I knew she was going to be quick.

You have an 8-point lead in the series heading into the final round in Calgary. What?s your plan?

Well, I?ve been in this position before and I threw it away. I actually had the points lead last year and made some mistakes and lost it at the final race. It sounds like it?s going to be a mud race so the main plan is to stay up and keep my head in the game.

What are your thoughts on the Calgary track?

Well, I?ve never ridden it in the mud but I am fan of the track overall. There are lots of jumps, which I like.

How badly do you want to win this thing?

Oh man, so badly.� I have been racing the pro nationals for six years now and I am long overdue to win this thing?

If you are able to wrap up this title, what will your goal be for Walton?

I definitely want to win Walton. We are heading there for sure, it is important since it?s the only chance we get to race the girls from the East.

What did you do over the winter?

I worked six days a week at the shop, Schraders, and then hit the gym and as much as I could. My boyfriend and I went down to California for a month with Jared Stock. We rented a condo down there and probably rode four times a week. It wasn?t too long after we got back that we could ride up here so I rode at the track right across the street from the shop.

What will you do for the rest of the summer, til Walton?

I am going down south to Colorado to do the WMA round, then we have some Provincials to do around here and then we will hit the Millville WMA round and then head to Walton. If the WMA rounds go well, I may try to do some of the remaining ones after Walton.

You raced Millville last year. How did that go?

It went pretty well. My goal was to break the top 20 and I was able to do that. I would really, really like to make it into the top 15 this year.

What do you think of the scene down there?
Oh man, it?s unreal. It?s so big and it?s so amazing how many women are on factory teams. It?s pretty intimidating lining up with those girls but it?s great.

Who is your favourite rider?
I am a big Tarah Geiger fan. I really wanted her to win the title but it looks like Ashley and Jessica are going really fast.

You have a huge support network in your family. How do they help you out?

Yes, I do have a huge support network. My dad and my mom help out a lot, along with my sister Amber. My dad is my mechanic as well and he and my stepmom are at most of the races. Amber isn?t able to race this year because of an ?incident? last� year but she?s still around to support me most of the time. They are all behind me all the way.

Who do you want to thank for helping you out this summer?

Yamalube, Schrader’s, SMX Racing, Troy Lee Designs, Gaerne, Yorkton Dodge, Limenine, Oakley, Supertracs, ORB clothing, Husky, DR.D pipes, SSS Suspension, Renthal, Works Connection, Dunlop, Kinsmen club of yorkton, Renegade Fuels,�IBEW, Outdoor Sporting and construction, and my Dad; wouldn’t be here without him!

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