Friday, June 17, 2011

Motoress salutes the decade of action for road safety!

This decade approved by United Nations, coordinated by the FIA Foundation to promote safety among all road users.All around the world, governments have joined in to promote this as the Decade of Action for Road Safety- 2011-2020 whose aim is to encourage better safety behaviour among road users aiming to reduce road deaths and injuries across the world. “Every six seconds someone is killed or injured on the world’s roads. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable, so we must encourage a better understanding of the risks, promote safety programs, and advanced rider training for all riders. We also need to increase the respect for each other on our shared roads ? no matter the vehicle. There are too many unnecessary accidents, which in most cases, could be avoided. Responsibility lies with the motorcyclist to improve their skills. It’s up to them to better understand how they can react to incident and equally how their bike reacts when operated in an emergency situation such as braking or swerving”, says Vicki Gray, founder of the International Female Ride Day and of MOTORESS who also teaches motorcycle skill operation enhancement and special tactics for women riders.Launched in May by the UN, the first event of this decade occurred in Canada from May 25th to 27th at Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga Ontario. The ERTS (Experienced Riders Training Symposium), a FIM – Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme’s event, brought together more than sixty experienced instructors from Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Ecuador, The Netherlands, United States and Canada, to name a few, and ten observers. During the nearly three-day event, delegates had the chance to participate in seven riding modules that highlighted various aspects of rider training and motorcycle operation safety. Within the specific sessions, participants had the occasion of riding  Harley-Davidson official police bikes, test a Zero electric bike or try the CAN-AM Spyder – trike’s,  BMW motorcycles equipped with ABS (Anti Lock Braking System),  cruisers, KYMCO scooters and Yamaha off-road bikes. Seminars also took place covering an array of trend setting subjects such as the ABS advances by Bosch.Vicki was involved in teaching the Rider Enhancement Module with the use of BMW motorcycles whose objective demonstrated exercises for experienced licensed riders in order to improve their base skill set. “It was a tremendously rewarding experience and a further affirmation that each professional or certified instructor shared the common goal of improving safety by increasing skill set among their students ? no matter the country of origin. This year Canada had the privilege to host this international event allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate country specific programs and experiences characteristic to the Canadian riding culture”. The ERTS 2011 was organized by the Canadian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) and the Canadian Safety Council (CSC) for the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). The next ERTS event will take place in 2013, in Sweden.For more information about the Decade of Action for Road Safety, visit the following link on
F�d�ration Internationale de Motocyclisme : News EN

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