Thursday, June 2, 2011

Did The Miami Heat Just Lose the 2011 NBA Finals?

In one of the most shocking finishes to an NBA Finals game that I have ever seen, the Dallas Mavericks came back from a fifteen point deficit midway through the fourth quarter to win game two of 2011 NBA Finals over the Miami Heat.

It appeared from the common fan view that the Heat were well on their way to claiming game two and taking a 2-0 lead to Dallas but the reemergence of Jason Terry and the clutch play of Dirk Nowitzki ended that dream for many Miami fans.

While the Heat offense turned into something similar to that of NBA Jam, the Mavericks kept their cool and continued to do what led them to success throughout the playoffs. So credit, the coaching of Rick Carlisle and the calm of a team that was facing a very impressive storm in uncharted waters.

For the Miami Heat, they reverted to the old Miami Heat of November/December 2010 that couldn't win a game if their lives depended on it. For a team to look so good, fall so fast, it just boggles the mind of how it occurred.

Questions now abound for the Miami Heat: Why didn't Dwayne Wade only get two touches with less than three minutes to play? Why didn't Chris Bosh foul Nowitzki before his final bucket with a foul to give? Why did Lebron James jack up those three point attempts instead of trying to go to the basket? How does this team bounce back from such a tough loss?

I find it hard to believe that a team can lose the NBA Finals based on one game but the way the Heat lost this affair, it's tough to see them fighting back in Dallas to send this series back to Miami.

However for an NBA season that has included more twists and turns than romance novel, it doesn't surprise me that the NBA Finals mirror that.

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