Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Detroit Lions New Defensive Line Nickname Is....Silver Crush

The National Football League is still in full lockout mode, so the most exciting thing that happened in the NFL this week was the nicknaming of the Detroit Lions defensive line.

We get more from Sidelion Report:

Jim Schwartz has chosen a winner in his contest to name the Detroit Lions defensive line. As announced on twitter:

My favorite (and winner of the football) goes to: “Silver Crush”. Acknowledges tradition/history of “Silver Rush” with slight update.

Close 2nd: “The Dis-Assembly Line” (nice association with Detroit history); Also liked “Non-Stop Motors”.

Most original: “Ghost & Darkness” (The names given to the two man-eating lions that terrorized Kenya turn of the century)
Clearly, I would have went with "Ghost & Darkness" but I'm not coaching in the NFL, am I?

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