Friday, June 17, 2011

Catching up with Paul Coates

Young Paul Coates from Bishop Auckland has been living in MTF recently putting in some hard training and has come back to England for a bit, here’s what his plans are and what he’s been up to.

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MOTO – How long have you been living in the USA now and what you been doing out there?
“I’ve been training in the USA for not long over two years now, riding and training at MTF and racing various amateur nationals over there”.

MOTO – Have you come back to England to race?
“I came back to England to race at a Redbull Elite Youth Cup race that just happened to be in Whitby not much more than an hour from my home town of Bishop Auckland”.

MOTO – How did the Red bull nationals go for you?
“I guess you could say they had ups and down’s with my first three moto’s going 17-1-DNF, but i’ll explain the races in order, in the first race i got off to around a 5th place start which was okay until I fell in a turn towards the back side of the track and couldn’t get my bike started, witch left me 3/4 of a lap behind in a solid 40th place, but i was finally able to bump start my bike with the help of a marshall in the turn i fell, but however i got back to 17th place with a 3rd place laptime whilst coming through the pack.
The 2nd race went significantly better after a 3rd place start i passed Jamie McCanney for the lead a couple turns before the first lap had ended, after that I pulled out a lead of around 8 seconds and took the race win.
The third and final moto for me at whitby started good with another 4th-5th place start and I managed to move quickly through the top runners and made the pass on James Dunn for the lead on the first lap, i led for 2 more laps before my rubber chain guide came undone and wrapped around my front sprocket witch ended my day and my weekend for that matter, but i was happy to show everyone what i could do after taking such a long break from racing in this country”!

MOTO – Are you planning on making a return to the US, or you planning on staying here?
“I will be returning to the US early next week after i race once more at the Foxhills circuit for the British masters to continue training for the Loretta Lynn’s national in early August and then I will be returning shortly after that to compete in 2 more rounds of the Redbull Elite Youth Cup that will be located in Desert Martin and the famous Hawkstone Park.

Also i would like to thank a few people for getting me where I am today: Fox Europe, Pro-circuit, Rock River Powersports, Moto Tassinari, 139 designs, Factory Connection, r2d racing, Race Speed Engineering, PVL Racing and all the trainers/staff at MTF!”

MOTO – Thanks Paul, it’s good to see you come back and race.

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