Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Benefit, Jemma Kidd Hibiscus Dupe & Escada Taj Sunset

I have always stayed well clear of any form of cheek stain as I have naturally high coloured cheeks and will always try and play them down with the right foundation.  I loved the IDEA of Benetint which became a cult product in magazines and with lots of my friends but I just knew it would draw attention to the very thing I was trying to conceal.  That's why I was excited when Benefit released Posie Tint...finally a cheek stain product that might suit me!  Granted I am probably the last person to jump on the Posie Tint band wagon but sometimes it takes me a while to get round to trying things.  Especially given that Benefit Coralista became my favourite powder blush EVER until I discovered that consistent wear over weeks caused small blemshes on my cheekbones.  I was NOT happy about that at all but I have since found that if I just wear it once or twice a week, then I don't have any problems so I found a way around that!  It's such a gorgeous blush and perfect for my skin tone, I couldn't just abandon it all together.

The consistency of Posie Tint is thicker and appears more milky than the original Benetint and swatches as a fresh, almost barbie-esque pink.  Now the thing I liked most about this product is that it is sheer and just gives a hint of colour, rather than being full on.  I was a bit worried that I would end up with stained, patchy cheeks but applied with my Jemma Kidd Cream Blush Brush, it looks flawless and at one with my skin.  I love the fact that the product applies with a very slight sheen so you get a really fresh, natural result.

It lasted all day and is definitely fade and sweat-proof...another brilliant contender for a summer must-have product!  I know some people apply this BEFORE their foundation to ensure it doesn't interfere with the finish of their foundation.  However, because I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear, I feel like it wouldn't show through so I apply mine after foundation, powder and bronzer.  I then use a highlighter on the very tops of my cheekbones.  I adore the fun pink foil packaging, not to mention the fact that it's very practical with a brush to ensure no amount of product is wasted.  Love this product!

My original BadGal chunky eyeliner is now down to a sorry looking stub because it has been used constantly since I bought it.  Sometimes I like to have a softer looking eye and on days when black feels like too much, charcoal grey is a great alternative for delicate definition.  This Benefit Waterproof Bad Gal Liner in Charcoal comes in the form of a slim-line pencil with a rubber smudger at the other end.  This is the first time I have used a rubber smudger instead of a foam one and I have to say that I definitely prefer it because the foam ones can sometimes drag and feel uncomfortable on the delicate skin around the eye.

As with the original Bad Gal Liner, this newer waterproof version is smooth to apply and smudges easily, giving the perfect soft finish.  I just applied a thin line to my top lashline in the pic above and quickly smudged it.  I found that it lasted all day and didn't transfer to my lower lashline on the inner corners (something that often happens to me).  This liner also comes in extra black and espresso (brown).  Thankfully it wasn't a pain to remove at the end of the day which is a major bonus because I hate having to rub at my eyes.

I was trying to think last night if I had another lipstick that was similar to the gorgeous Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Glosstick in Hibiscus and from a brand that was more easily accessible...yes, you would think I had better things to do wouldn't you!

Now neither of these lipsticks photograph as bright as they both look in person so keep that in mind.  TopShop Lipstick in Confession is very similar to the Jemma Kidd shade although it has a more velvet/satin finish. When you compare them side by side, the Jemma Kidd shade is just SLIGHTLY more on the orange/red side of the coral spectrum. The Topshop lipstick is only £8.00 and most people have a Topshop near them so if you're interested in trying a vibrant coral shade for summer, then you know where to go!

The weird thing is that they both photograph on the pink side when you use a flash and then more on the orange side without the flash.  You could try checking other swatches online of these lipsticks to get the best representation of their colour.  They both seem to just be that type of colour that is hard to capture with a camera!

I like to use lighter, fruitier daytime perfumes in the summer months because anything else feels a bit too heavy.  Don't get me wrong, I love heavier musky perfumes for night time but in the day, I like to keep it fresh and breezy.  My new favourite daytime scent is Escada Taj Sunset...  

First of all, I love the bottle because it's a gorgeous tangerine colour with a pretty floral design.  It's described as having an "exotic, juicy and summery scent, opening with top notes of Alphonso mango, nectarine and blood orange, flowing into a heart of aquatic flowers, raspberry and Malay apple, atop a smooth base of coconut, sandalwood and musk".  This perfume just feels beachy, clean and tropical.  You know something? It smells like a summer holiday...that's what I like about it so much.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you can get it here from The Pefume Shop.  It's £19.99 for 30ml (which comes with a cute little makeup bag at the moment), £32.50 for 50ml and £41.50 for £100ml.

So I promised I would give you a heads up on how the above New look coral court shoes felt after a night of hardcore dancing.  Well...I still have my toes so that's something! In all seriousness though, they were actually very comfortable, didn't pinch or rub too much (no more than could be expected for a brand new pair of shoes).  I guess it all depends on the shape of your feet to be honest but as a general rule, they aren't going to rip your feet apart.  The only part of my feet that were VERY sore were the balls of my feet and we all know that this is an occupational hazard of a girl who loves high heels.

And now for a bit of music! This song has been on my iPod non-stop for my gym workouts, especially when I'm on the crosstrainer or bike going full pelt.  You'd be surprised how much fast-paced music pumping in your ears can inspire you to go that extra mile!  I always find it's the best type of motivation to have upbeat music. This video makes me want to buy a pair of old skool roller skates! I used to have a white barbie pair when I was 10 years old, until I got into rollerblades and broke my arm twice!  Yeah...cancel that thing about me wanting to skate again...

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