Monday, October 11, 2010

What I've Been Loving Lately and A Disappointment

I was recently sent the brand new Gucci perfume, Guilty, from The Pefume Store to review and as you can see, Gucci have really pulled it out of the bag with the design of the bottle.  It just oozes luxury and style! It feels heavy and expensive...pretty much what you would expect from Gucci.  I'm not an expert on perfume but I know what I like and this perfume is a perfect light daytime scent for me.  It is described as being 'sensual and sexy' but I'm not sure I would describe it like that.  For me, I like my daytime perfumes to be slightly sweet and subtle, nothing too overpowering.  Here's a breakdown of the scent:

Heart Notes: Peach, Lilac and Geranium
Top Notes: Mandarin & Pink Pepper
Base Notes: Ambery Notes & Pachouli

It's a subtely warm perfume, that lasts all day without being over the top.  Love it!

This week I have really been trying to shop my collection and rediscover my old favourites that I have been neglecting.  I have always loved the French & Fabulous palette from Too Faced....

This palette contains the perfect shades for an every day look and also shades that will take you into a more dramatic, night time look.  My favourite combination is Totally Toasted Beige as a base and Totally Toasted Brown as a crease colour then to amp it up for night time, I just smudge Ooh & Ahh Black into my lashline for more definition.  Poodle Puff Raisin is also an amazing crease colour that is a gorgeous plummy taupe.

My skin is definitely in the best condition ever and I feel like this is down too the new Origins and Good Stuff products I have been using.  I never get spots anymore...not EVEN at that time of the month which is unheard of.  The Origins Brighter By Nature High Potency Brightening Peel which is just an incredible product has been a god send for my skin.  It's so clear, so smooth and really radiant and I have to credit that to using the Origins pads twice every week.  Another of the Origins products which has complimented the pads is the Origins Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum.  This compliments it so well because it  contains Vitamin C, Cucumber Extract, Japanese Basil Leaf and Salicycic Acid.  It's quite an expensive skincare product at £31.00 for a 30 ml bottle but you only need two small pumps for your whole face.  In my opinion, having the skin I always wanted is worth paying a bit extra for.  I will definitely repurchase this again and again because it really works. 

The disappointment for me came with the Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask.  It contains Yeast Extract and Hoelen Mushroom extract and is designed to reduce eye bags, redness and dark circles.  It can be used as a mask applied for 5-10 mins or as an all day treatment under your usual eye cream.  I have used it for around 3 weeks now as an eye gel and also as a mask and I just didn't feel like it did anything for me.  I didn't notice a difference in my dark circles or slight puffiness in the mornings.  I applied my usual eye cream over it and I just wasn't impressed by this product.  When you are spending £19.00 for a 30ml tube, you want it to be amazing and to blow you away.  But unfortunately, it just didn't do that. 

A great discovery for me in the past week was this Daniel Sandler Contour Brush which is probably the smallest contour brush I have ever used.  It's half the size of the Bare Minerals one I used to use every day.  The advantage of this brush is that you can be alot more precise with where you place your contour powder (I use Sleek's Contour Palette or Benefit Hoola).  I noticed a huge difference straight away and I can really create the appearance of more defined cheekbones, which I love! This brush has a short handle which means it is really convenient to use when you're on the go.  The bristles are soft to the touch but they have exactly the right amount of firmness to use in the hollows of the cheeks.  I never used to think that brushes made that much of a difference to my makeup but this is a fantastic example of why it's important to use the right tools.  

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