Friday, October 15, 2010

Style Crush, OOTD & New Look Haulage

My style crush for this week is the only British Victoria's Secret model...Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  So we all know how incredibly stunning she is but she also has great style from what I can tell.  I love her casual looks of skinny jeans or leggings, leather jackets and colourful scarfs.  Whenever she dresses down, she mixes high street stuff like All Saints and Top Shop with flea market vintage pieces and some designer pieces too.  I always feel like it's better to mix high street and designer because it brings more character and diversity to an outfit.  Anyone can throw on a designer outfit, straight off the catwalk but it takes real style and imagination to mix genres and pricetags.

Even when she amps it up and gets glam, it always looks effortless because of her loose, wavy, flowing locks.  The epitome of cool is when you can come across like you haven't even tried!

I love the fact that she can dress in a sexy way without being too obvious, it's never brash or in your face, just a touch of leather here, a short skirt there.  I guess it helps when you have the body of a supermodel though!ha ha.  But in all seriousness, be it casual wear or red carpet attire, she always looks well put together and chic.

I often get asked about my 'style' on here and to be honest I wouldn't have a clue on how to sum it up in one word.  I wouldn't say I'm on the cutting edge of fashion as I tend to stick to classical stuff that I know suits my figure and lifestyle.  I tend to have basic staples like a black blazer, a white shirt or skinny jeans and I mix it up with on trend shoes, bags and accessories.  I never wear all black because I'm addicted to colour so I need at least one accessory or piece of clothing with a burst of colour.  Brights colours make me happy and they boost your mood!

Yesterday, I nipped into town to have a nosey around New Look and also to set out on my mission to get those sheepskin trim boots I have harping on about for the past week! 

Well when I got to New Look, there was only one pair left in the whole store and they were my size!  I think we can all agree that a divine force wanted me to have those boots! ha ha...that's the way I like to see it anyway!  I always thought they were black from all the pics I had seen in magazines but they are actually dark brown. I snatched them off the shelf and toddled off to the changing rooms with a pair of black 'jeggings' over my arm.  The boots are £34.99 and despite the fact they are quite high, they are actually incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in!  I ended up buying the boots and the jeggings and here's what the boots look like with my outfit of the day (apologies for the rubbish quality of the photo...I dream of owning an SLR soon!):

 I'm wearing a long white shirt, gathered under the bust from H & M, a plain white vest top under that from Zara, black ankle length leggings from Ebay, a black waterfall front blazer from Warehouse and my new booties from New Look!  The gorgeous pink and coral patterned scarf was a present from my brother's girlfriend.  She brought it back from Qatar in the summer and I adore it because it has a lovely sheen to it...

The big, brown leather bag in the first photo was one I picked up on honeymoon from Kuala Lumpur.  My everyday style isn't particularly dynamic but I do like to look smart and I generally wear heels most days. Here's a pic without the scarf...

The long necklace I am wearing is one I picked up in a boutique shop called Fran & Jane in Cork but I have recently seen it here on the Tallulah Tu website in gold instead of silver, like the one I have.  I always get compliments on this necklace because it is really unique and really adds something special to outfits.  It's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery...

This is actually the first EVER pair of jeggings I have purchased because I think I had seen too many people wearing them in the wrong way and was put off them a bit.  They always seemed to be unflattering but that's probably because the girls I saw where wearing them with short, tight tops and it just didn't look good at all.  I think the secret for curvier girls is to wear a longline top or blouse or cardigan with them to flatter your figure.  After trying on these black ones in New Look, I knew I had to buy them because they were SO comfortable and they really do give the illusion of wearing skinny jeans.

The ones I bought were £19.99, they have an elasticated waist, pockets on the back, horizontal sweeping seams across the knees and a thin black velvet strip that runs down the outer side of the legs...

 I really like these details that add a very subtle military/utility edge to the jeggings.  They look perfect with my new boots and I know I will get LOADS of use out of them for the colder months.

The last thing I bought from New Look was this braided leather bracelet covered in crystals.  It just adds a little bit of sparkle to everyday outfits and everyone needs a nit of sparkle in their lives!

It was £3.99 and has metal cuffs to protect the ends with a small metal chain to fasten.

I hope you enjoyed my very first OOTD and hopefully I can do some again soon.  Have a lovely weekend everyone! xxx

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