Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Style Crush Of The Week: Mollie King

I wasn't going to blog much this week because I've been really stressed over my dad's ill health but I decided that I would do some posts since it's something I enjoy doing and it takes my mind off things.  I just wanted to say thank you so much to you guys for all your lovely heartfelt good wishes for me, my dad and my family.  It means alot to me to know that you are thinking of me.  My dad is still in hospital and awaiting the stent procedure, which is when they insert a small device into your wrist, feed it up to your heart and it inflates to expand the artery that has become too narrow.  There's a big waiting list so we have our fingers crossed he will get that done soon.  I think more than the physical effects of the heart attack, it has really affected my dad mentally.  He is a big, strong, tough guy from Toxteth in Liverpool and he always prided himself on being a protective and caring dad.  I think this has knocked him for 6 and as a man, he feels vulnerable and unable to care for/protect his family whilst he is incapacitated.  He is a very strong person though and I know he will get through this difficult time and emerge even stronger than before. I will keep you guys updated on how things are going.

I decided to start this new regular post because I'm always spotting celebs with enviable style...be it their own or that of their stylists! Wouldn't it be fabulous to have someone on hand to advise you on what to wear every day!  I'm aware that not all celebs work with stylists and some prefer to put together their own outfits.  I would say that pop stars have the most help in this area because they're constantly being styled for music videos, tv appearances and the like.  They probably pick up alot of tricks and tips along the way and develop their own version of the latest trends.

Someone who has been catching my attention alot lately has been Mollie King from the girl band, The Saturdays.  Girl bands have come along way since the likes of Bewitched and the Spice Girls where they often wore matching (more often than not, ridiculous) outfits.  Nowadays, they like to take a more subtle approach and seem to deviate more towards wearing outfits that compliment eachother but still show their individual personalities.  It always seems that girl bands wear crappy matching clothes when they first appear on the music scene, then as they gradually become more popular and get more exposure, their fashion sense miraculously improves (I'm thinking of Girls Aloud and The Sugababes).

Back to Mollie though, who bears an incredible resemblance to another British beauty, Sienna Miller.  I have to say that I pretty much love EVERYTHING that Mollie wears nowadays.  Her daytime looks are my favourite aspect of her style.  They are quite simple, with hardly any fussy details but I love that she looks so well put together...it's laid back glamour at it's best.  She keeps her accessories basic, a tan belt here...a fine chain necklace there, but there's never loads of fuss.  I always think that women look best when they don't look like they have tried TOO hard.  She seems to base alot of her looks on neutral tones but adds fresher tones with whites and bright colours.  Her shoes are often quite neutral but us girls all know that when you buy a neutral toned shoe, it's gonna go with 99% of what's in your wardrobe!  Who can argue with that???

Mollie is the type of girl we would all like to be friends with, she always looks effortlessly cool...attempting knee high socks can be dodgy but she makes them look fantastic.  I think her style is so accessible because stores like Reiss, Warehouse, Dune and Top Shop are full of these types of pieces so you wouldn't have to spend a fortune to get something similar. 

I don't see Mollie as being a super polished, designer draped, celeb like Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian or Sarah Jessica Parker BUT she is a pop star version of the girl next door, she's a regular in the best dressed sections of magazines and I always look forward to see what she's wearing.  She doesn't wear anything Lady GaGa-groundbreaking...but who's wardrobe would you prefer to raid for your everyday life?

Who is your style crush at the moment?

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