Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Times/Bad Times

1) I went round to my pal's place to catch up with another old friend who is getting married next year.  Somehow we ended up talking about male celebs you shouldn't fancy, but you secretly do!  Now that is always a fun conversation!  We all have secret crushes on weird or unlikely celebs but would NEVER let on to anyone that we think that way because first off, it can be mortally emabarassing and secondly, you know you would never hear the end of it.  So in the name of laughs, here are some male celebs I secretly think are quite hot in an out-of-the-ordinary kind of way...

Jesse Eisenberg - He's the star of the new film, The Social Network and he isn't a stereotypical movie stud but for some reason I really like him! He just seems very intelligent, he comes across as really sweet in interviews and he's a little bit geeky which I find endearing!
Alex Zane - He's a British comedian, tv presenter and all round indie kid.  Now this one may not seem so strange but if you knew my taste in men, then you would know that I don't tend to be attracted to guys who wear guyliner and paint their nails with black polish.  I tend to prefer the more outwardly macho men.  He was around before Russell Brand and it always seems like Russell is an exaggerated version of Alex.  He's articulate, sensitive, funny and he could help you with yor weekly manicure!ha ha. 
Paddy McGuinness - He's a British stand up comedian and tv presenter.  I've always had a thing for Paddy...probably because I love Northern folk and their sense of humour.  He is macho, with a masculine broad build and although he isn't in tip top condition i.e. ripped...he still looks like the kind of guy who could sweep you up and protect you!  I love a guy who can make me laugh and Paddy is so 'normal' and down to earth, you can't help but like him.
Michael Madsen - Every girl loves a bad boy and Michael is definitely one of those.  He had that James Dean look about him when he was younger, like in the pic below.  Although years of alcohol and drug abuse have taken their toll on his looks, I can't help but hanker back to the time when he looked like this...
Ben Batt - He is a British actor who starred in the popular tv show, Shamelss, set in a Manchester council estate.  I don't know if it's the fact that he plays a bad boy and is a bit of a 'knacker' as my Chris would say but I can't help but feel an attraction towards him!  It's the age old female downfall...being attracted to a guy who is arrogant and loves himself! (I'm sure he's lovely in real life though!)

Which unlikely celebs do you secretly lust after?  Luckily, I ended up with the best bloke in the world so not even Brad Pitt could match up to my hubby :)  (feel free to throw up now).

2) I went to the cinema on Saturday night to see The Social Network and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  The script was great, the 'story' was engaging and the acting was fantastic.  Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant as Facebook entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake did a great job of portraying Napster creator, Sean Parker.  I forgot he was Justin Timberlake and just saw the character so that's always a good sign.  I also loved the dark, moody soundtrack which was produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.  I always read up on the true story behind these films as I know sometimes they elaborate things for entertainment purposes.  It seems that most of the story is true but what they did fail to mention is that it has been speculated for some time that Mark Zuckerberg has a form of Autism that prevents him from functioning in a social manner.  This type of autism may have blessed him with a tremendous amount of intelligence/genius but it prevents him from being able to communicate to people in a normal social environment i.e. he finds it difficult to hold normal conversation and often comes across as cold, rude or disinterested.  I think that's an important point to remember given how badly he is portrayed in the film.

3) I, like many people, Sky Plus'd the Cheryl Cole interview with Piers Morgan from Saturday night.  Now although I have felt lately that she is over-exposed, I am still interested to hear what she had to say about her Malaria scare and the end of her marriage to footballer, Ashley Cole.  I have been completely open about the fact that I have nothing against the girl because I don't know her personally so it would be unfair of me to judge her.  I guess a bug bear for me is sometimes that celebrities complain about the amount of press they get but if they really didn't want to be famous anymore, they could stop doing interviews, stop doing gigs and just do something else instead.  They are in a privileged position to live a luxurious lifestyle and the sacrifice for that lifestyle is that you have to put up with the fact that everyone will want to know your business.  Maybe that is harsh but that's life.  That aside, I really felt like this interview with Cheryl gave us an insight into what she really went through and I also felt that the tears she shed during the interview were real.  Seeing her as a real person with real problems made me warm to her.  She has been through alot and I hope she finds happiness soon.

1) My lovely husband left this morning to work offshore on an oil rig so I am going to miss him like crazy for the next 2 weeks.  He will be on rotation for the next 6 months so he will be working 2 weeks on the rig and then he gets 2 weeks holiday.  The up side to this is that I get him all to myself for 2 weeks.  It just sucks that we have to be apart when we only just got married!  The pic above was taken at the pre-wedding BBQ, the day before we tied the knot in Loch Lomond.  This typical behaviour for Chris, he was trying to be romantic and I was clinging on for dear life!ha ha.  He makes me laugh and I will really miss his company because he's my best friend.
2) I don't know what is wrong with me but I am addicted to trashy 'reality' tv at the moment, whether it's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Hills re-runs, The Only Way Is Essex or Jerseylicious.  I know they're unbelievably fake, contrived and ridiculous but they fuel my need for silly drama that I don't have in my everyday life...thank god! I'm sure each episode of the above shows kill off a few brain cells every time I watch but they are my guilty pleasure and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who secretly watches them!

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