Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Favourite Eyeshadows

I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite eyeshadows in my collection.  I love it when other bloggers do these kinds of posts as it gives me a chance to see what else is out there and whether I need to add some new additions to my collection.  I love neutrals in the daytime but I prefer to experiment with a bit of colour for night time looks.  Here's a rundown of my favourite eyeshadows....
You know how much I love metallic eyeshadows and this has to be the daddy of all of them because the colours are so rich, pigmented and just plain gorgeous.  There is a yellow gold, a rose gold and a metallic taupe...pure heaven!  The fact that it's called 18 Carat just makes it seem even more opulent but without the massive price tag.
The Sleek palettes are a big with lots of bloggers and there's a good reason for that.  They're cheap, great quality and there's a good range of colours to suit everyone.  My favourite is the Graphite palette because it gives you the chance to create a blue toned smokey eye which is a nice twist on the usual greys and blacks.
Korres are a great brand for eyeshadows and my favourites have to be the Bronze one for an intense hit of metallic colour on the lid and the White shade to pale out any eyeshadows that are too harsh for me.  It also works really well as a highlight for the inner eye!
Mac have to be the best brand for variety of shades but as we all know they can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to the texture, depending on the finish you choose.  A couple of my favourites for a bit of colour are Parfait Amour, an amazing duo chrome purple and Shimmer Moss, a gorgeous iridescent green.  Parfait Amour creates the most gorgeous look when combined with Gesso, a matte white, as a highlighter.
This has to be my most used Mac 4 shadow palette that contains Woodwinked, Mulch, Nked Lunch and Satin Taupe.  These can be combined to create the perfect neutral eye with a bit of definition.  Woodwinked is an amazing gold toned brown that just makes my mouth water every time I swatch it! Mulch is a warmer toned brown that is great for adding definition on the lash line, it is great for accentuating blue eyes.  Naked Lunch is the perfect all over lid shade and also a great highlight colour.  Finally, everyone's best friend, Satin Taupe is a grey toned brown that acts as a fantastic crease colour and looks exceptional with Mac Mutiny Pigment!
Rouge Bunny Rouge is unquestionably one of the best choices for eyeshadows if you fancy treating yourself to a product with luxury packaging, a buttery smooth texture and amazing pigmentation.  This shade, Periwinkle Cardinal is a soft green that would work incredibly well with Mac Shimmer Moss.  This is such a wearable shade and is really flattering on fair to medium skin tones. 
Urban Decay are always a good bet if you want eyeshadows with a bit of pazzaz! Strip is a metallic blue that looks gorgeous as a lid shade for a smokey eye.  It would look amazing against brown eyes! Maui Wowie is just a jaw droppingly shiny, metallic silver beige and looks especially good with thick black flicked eyeliner.  So that's my fave eyeshadows...what are your picks from your collection? Are there any that you think are must haves?
On another note, I was shopping in town with my besty, Pamela, yesterday and I didn't intend to buy many times have you told yourself that? ha ha.  We were browsing in H&M and we spotted these fab black leggings with metal embellishments down the outer sides of the legs.  On checking the price tag, they were only £7.99 so I just had to have them!  Pamela said to me "well, you have to ask yourself if you really NEED them"...I then turned to her and said "It NEVER has anything to do with whether I NEED's a must have Pam!"

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