Thursday, October 14, 2010

Makeup Crush: Brittny Gastineau

Another week means another makeup crush and this time it's Brittny Gastineau's look that caught my eye! She is a model and socialite who is friends with the Kardashian's and I picked this particular look because it uses bold jewel colours that work surprisingly well together.  I wanted to choose something completely different from my last makeup crush for a bit of variety.  I'm not normally a fan of wearing bold eyes and lips together and I generally opt for one or the other but these shades used together have created a really sexy, sultry look.  This makeup just feels so autumnal and wintery to me...almost festive with the pinky cranberry lips and intense green on the eyes.  It would be amazing to wear with an evening gown to a christmas ball!  It really is an inspiring makeup look that will push me to be more adventurous with colour.  I think it's all about finding the right tones for your colouring.

As I said in my last Makeup Crush post, I will always try to find out what products were used in each look, where possible.  Apparently this look was created using mostly Guerlain products and here's a rundown in case you are interested in taking a look at any of the products:

Model's Canvas Skin Ehancing Primer & Illuminator
Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate
Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Foundation
Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder (Brunette)
Guerlain Soothing Moisturising Mist
Guerlain Ombre Eclat Mono Eyeshadow in 481
Guerlain Retractable Eyeliner Pen in Bohemian
Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara in Black
Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick in Gala
Guerlain Kiss Kiss Pearl Gloss in Amethyst Pearl

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try bolder shades at this time of year?

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