Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Update And A Review

Wow...what a busy (predominantly alcohol-fuelled) weekend! It's not big or clever kids! Myself, Chris and some friends went out on Friday night for some 'quiet' drinks...but somehow we got back to the flat at around 3am...not sure how that happened?! Then on Saturday night we went out for dinner with 3 other couples to a new Brazilian Steakhouse called Tropeiro in Aberdeen.  It was my first time trying Brazilian food and I have to say that it was delicious! The whole concept of the restaurant is that there is a big salad bar with rice, potatoes, exotic coleslaws, amazing spicy sauces etc and then the waiters come around the tables with chicken, beef, lamb and pork on skewers and carve it for you.  All the meats were SO tasty, So flavour-some and really tender.  It's a really laid back place so it's a great place to go with a group of friends. 
After the meal, we intended to call it a night since we had been out the night before BUT in usual style, someone who will remain nameless, suggested we go for cocktails at a lovely place called Mim.  It's a contemporary fusion restaurant/bar and they do the most AMAZING cocktails I've ever had.  I particularly like the french and strawberry daiquiris! Yum!  After alot of laughs, alot of chat and quite a few cocktails, we headed home and needless to say we were all suffering on Sunday morning!  A walk on Aberdeen beach sorted that out though!...yes Aberdeen actually has a beach!
And guess what??? The wedding DVD arrived!!! I was so excited when it dropped through the letterbox yesterday morning and it looks so professional! I had to wait ALL day to watch it because I promised Chris I wouldn't watch it until he got home.  It was torture!  The dvd is amazing and I love how it turned out...it is totally worth the money because having a film like that of our special day is priceless! 

Although I would love to share it with you guys, I have made the decision not to post clips on my blog because I'm sure you can understand that it's a very personal piece of film which features my loved ones and I just can't open them up to the public domain.  I don't want just anyone watching it and by that, I don't mean my regular subscribers/readers.  What I mean is that I don't want horrible anonymous comments that have been doing the rounds on blogs lately.  It would break my heart to have someone criticising something that is so close to my heart so I decided to just post clips of it on my Facebook page instead. 
As soon as I got the dvd's, I phoned my mum and she drove all the way into town just to pick up her copy.  I also posted a copy to Chris' mum because I know she's dying to see it too.  Mum turned up at the flat with a present for me too! She bought me a gorgeous dusky pink longline blouse from Next that is in a smock style, gathered under the bust with a babydoll feel to it.  Basically it's fitted at the bust and then becomes kind of floaty.  I love it!  It will be perfect with my new black jeggings. So thank you mum!
I picked up the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara from Boots on Sunday because I wanted to try a new mascara for every day use.  Something that's quick and easy to apply with minimal faffing around and maximum impact.  I have heard some good things about this mascara so expectations were reasonably high. 

First off, the rubber wand is probably the fattest one I have come across with very short spikes.  I wasn't sure how that would work as a mascara wand but I was willing to keep an open mind.  The wand is a bit awkward to use in my opinion and on more than one occasion, I ended up touching my face or lid with it and getting transfer of the product.  I'm always really careful with my mascara because I'm a bit of a perfectionist but this one is tricky.  I guess you just have to be extra careful with this wand so it's definitely not a mascara for anyone who speeds through their makeup every morning. 

Once applied, the mascara gives reasonably good length and a bit of volume too but I would prefer if it gave me more volume at the root of the lashes.  Once the mascara has dried it doesn't budge and there no flaking or smudging which is a plus.  This mascara only costs £7.99 so when you put it up against the YSL or Lancome ones then yes, it is good value for money because it does perform quite well.  But something about this mascara just doesn't do it for me.  I like to get more volume in my lashes and this kind of made them look too sparse when they are anything but at the moment (I have been using my Revitlash and Loreal Renewal Sreum religiously!).  I would probably give this mascara 6 out of 10 but I don't think I will be repurchasing.  I actually prefer the result you get from their cult product 2000 Calorie...that mascara allows you to build really dramatic lashes!

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