Monday, October 11, 2010


As promised, here's a post to show you some pics from the 80's themed party on Saturday.  I went as Jem... 

Chris went as Bananaman! hero!?

Patricia, my good friend and maid of honour at my wedding, went as smurfette...

There was 80's style sweets/candy like Wham bars and flying saucers and we played Twister, did a bit of breakdancing, and tried to limbo...

Unfortunately I was crap at the limbo and I ended up falling over in a heap!...that could have been due to copious amounts of wine though! Glad no one got a pic of that! There was also a wall of shame where everyone had to guess eachothers child photos from the 80's! So funny! Some people haven't changed a bit!

It was a great night with lots of imaginative costumes like a Space Hopper, Smurfs, Top Gun, Miami Vice... The most important thing was that everyone really got into the spirit of things and didn't care about looking silly...after all that's what fancy dress is all about! 

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