Friday, October 22, 2010

Style Crush: Jessica Alba

Seeing celebs like Jessica Alba reminds us all that just because you become a mother, does not mean you have to instantly become a frump.  Her casual attire is fabulously simple but with a cool edge and her red carpet looks are beautifully girly with an ever so slight side of toughness.
I would love to raid her shoe closet because I love everything she pops on her tootsies!  I really love how she doesn't over-accessorise and she leaves the clothes (and her beauty) to speak for themselves.  Alot of celebrities try to to develop a style but more often than not, it looks like the clothes are wearing them instead of the other way around.  Jessica manages to look feminine, chic, cool and stylish all rolled into one.
Now, onto one of the products that have been hopping into my favourites box this week.  Basically, I have a box that I keep all my daily makeup items in and I change it up every week to make sure I'm not falling into a rut with the products I use.  This also makes it easier to identify the overall favourites because they are the ones that stay in the box week after week.  Here's one of the products that has been living in the box for a while now... 
I often struggle with my eyebrows because, as I have mentioned many times before, the outer half of my brows are so blonde that they don't show up.  So, I have to draw my brows in every day which is a bit of a pain as it often depends on how steady my hands are on that day!  There have been some days when I think I have done a good job, then on later inspection, I realised that my brows didn't match at all!  I have always loved the saying that brows are sisters, not twins but I think I took that too far.  Because of this, I always welcome any products that can make the job easier. 

Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows in Soft Blonde has been my saviour because the ultra fine, self sharpening tip is perfect for people like me who need extra help with shaping their brows.  The colour is perfect for me and with soft, feathery movements, I can create perfect (matching) brows every day.  Phew!

I have thought about getting my eyebrows tinted but I've never had that done before so i'm not sure how much of a difference it would make.  Any advice/tips anyone?

Now onto a hair product that has blown me away this week...Phyto Pre-Shampoo Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment.  I am often dubious about oil treatments because I have fine hair that gets greasy at the roots and dry at the ends.  I have tried oil treatments before and have never been that enamoured with them - with the exception of Macadamia Oil Treatment which I use on damp hair before styling.  This oil treatment contains essential oils like Castor Plant Oil, Sage, Rosemary, Juniper Berries and Lemon Oils.  The difference with this Phyto product is that you apply it to dry hair, leave it in for 30 mins and then wash it out.  You get 6 vials in the pack and also a little spray bottle to apply it to the hair.  Now you may be thinking the same thing as I initially did..."how can it make that much of a difference to the condition of my hair when I will be washing it out?"
I followed the instructions and used a mild shampoo to wash my hair, then I used my normal Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner.  My hair felt 'squeaky' clean afterwards which is always a good sign for me as I don't want anything weighing my fine hair down.  This formula is water soluble so you can be sure that there won't be any oily residue left behind. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was that little bit easier to comb through when wet.  But the real difference could be seen when I dried my hair.  I noticed as I was drying it in sections that my hair felt really soft and smooth and seemed to just fall into place without being weighed down with any product.  The shine was incredible though, so much so that Chris even commented and asked me if I used anything different on my hair!  The true sign of greatness is when your partner notices something!
My hair just looks totally revitalised and I couldn't believe how healthy it looked after the treatment!  I am at that stage where I need to get my highlights done so my hair wasn't in the best condition i.e. the ends were getting split and dry.  But this treatment managed to conceal the damage to the ends of my hair and make it look sleek again...Fab!  This treatment has also been recommended for use directly before colouring your hair because it locks in the colour and prevents any damage.  I love it!

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