Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tali's Tag: Would You Rather?...

Tali's TAG: Would You Rather..

I thought this looked like fun so here goes...
Never use mascara again or bronzer again?
Well as I've said many times before, I resemble the above picture when I don't wear mascara (ok...SLIGHT exaggeration but you know what I mean!). So it would have to be mascara all the way for me, unless I could get my eyelashes tinted! I could just use fake tan to get my glow on and skip the bronzer.

Only be able to buy high end make-up or drugstore make-up again?
I would have to choose high end makeup because most of my favourites belong to brands like YSL, Dior and Estee Lauder. If I'm being completely honest, the higher end brands make me feel more special, they often feel and look more luxurious so it feels more like I'm treating myself.
Be In Love or Be Loved?
Oh man, I would definitely prefer to be loved. I don't think there's anything more painful than unrequited love! Remember that crush you had in high school and he never even noticed you existed?...ok, so that was probably more infatuation than love but it hurts all the same. I often think if we displayed the same behaviour now with the opposite sex as we did when we were teenagers, we would be branded as stalkers!ha ha. Writing his name on your pencil case, working out in percentage terms how compatible you are, choosing the same subjects as him in the vain hope of sitting next to him, following him home from school...joke! I never did that...and if anyone tells you otherwise then they're a big fat liar! The weird thing is, 9 times out of 10, these guys lose their looks when they grow up and you're left in awe of the geeky boys who have turned into gods! have to love the poetic justice of it all!
Go out with chipped nail varnish or unshaven legs?
Well considering I'm an OCD freak 90% of the time, the chipped nail varnish would be VERY hard to bear. Seriously, if I even get one little chip on my nail, I have to take the whole lot off...I know, I have a problem! However, the thought of going out with unshaven legs would just feel gross to me...unless I could hide them under some opaque black tights! So chipped nails it is (ugh...I just shuddered at the mere thought of it).
Go out with messy hair or no make-up?
Ha ha ha...considering I am a makeup addict, this one is easy peasy sesameesy! I would rather go outside with messy hair any day than without a scrap of makeup. I have suffered years of ridicule and questioning from my family/friends about the fact that I won't go makeup-less but it's part of who I am so I make no apology for it! I like to look put together and well presented at all times so makeup is a must for me. Some girls are lucky enough to be able to go without makeup and look good (my friends being in this category) but I have high coloration in my cheeks which would lead people to ask if I'm:

a) entering the menopause early and dealing with hot flushes or;
b) embarassed about something and blushing uncontrollably

Generally speaking, if your makeup looks fab, it doesn't tend to matter what your hair looks like. Plus I often think that messy hair can look good!
Leave the house with an orange tan or peroxide-gone-wrong ginger hair?
Hmmm this is a tough one as neither of them appeal to me (maybe it would if I was Christina Aguilera circa 2002). I have had a few disastrous fake tan incidents...who hasn't?! So I know first hand the embarassment of going one shade shy of Oompa Loompa. BUT I would say that peroxide-gone-wrong ginger hair would be more expensive to fix and it would take longer to rescue your burnt out hair. So it's with much upset that I choose the orange least you could exfoliate the bejesus out of yourself to remove it and within a couple of days you would look semi-normal again!
It were Winter forever or Summer forever?
This should be an easy answer...most people would choose summer. HOWEVER, this depends where you live...we all know that summers in the UK are not great and tend to be a disappointment. Plus, I'm actually well climitised to the Scottish weather so I find it hard to deal with mega hot weather and the fact that makeup just slides off your face, you have to apply sun screen a couple of times every day, it's harder to keep your hair in good condition and the sun ages your skin more quickly when it's at it's strongest. I hate to admit it but I quite like winter...being all cosy inside (an excuse to get extra close to the man in your life!), sipping hot chocolate whilst it's cold and snowy outside, building snow men with your pals and having snowball fights, being able to layer lovely clothes and not worry about being in the best shape ever, Christmas and family time...etc. So I choose winter!
Leave the house with dried toothpaste drool or crusty yellow sleep eyes?
Hmmm...neither of these are particularly enticing but I would probably have to choose the dried toothpaste drool because crusty yellow sleep stuff is gross! It used to scare me when I was a kid and I was being told that the sandman came at night to put the sleep stuff in your eyes! What kid would be comfortable with a grown male stranger sneaking around their bedroom whilst they were asleep?! (it's ok santa, you get a pass!)
Give up all MAC or Illamasqua products?
I like both brands but I definitely have more favourite products from MAC...I love their lipsticks, MSF's, blushes and pigments. Illamasqua are a relatively new brand so it would be difficult for them to compete with the likes of MAC who are almost an institution in the world of makeup!

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's answers!

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