Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge

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Now you guys know how much I love Rouge Bunny Rouge and I have been looking forward to trying their bronzer for a looooong time.  I finally got my hands on the Bronzing Glow Powder - As If It Were Summer Still in the 'At Goldcombe Bay' shade and it's beautiful! I love the mystical, magical, fairytale concept of the brand as a whole and the kitsch packaging is adorable, it's so unique to anything else I have in my collection...
I remember the lovely  Tali raving about the RBR Bronzer a while ago on her blog and ever since, I have been lusting after it for a really natural, flawless finish. 

I'm never sure why bronzing products come with a round sponge applicator because I don't know anyone who applied their bronzer like that?! I always apply mine with a big fluffy powder brush to get the most natural finish on my skin.

You will see from the pan how natural the colour is, there's absolutely no orangey tones in this bronzer so you can be sure you will get a really nice result.  There is the tiniest hint of shimmer which you can JUST about see in the pic below but this just translates to the skin as a beautiful radiance without any visible 'glitter' or shimmery effect.  This bronzer is more than suitable for daytime wear as it lifts the face and makes you look really fresh.  It's the kind of bronzer that you can really build up to the intensity that's right for you, so you don't have to be so conscious of overdoing things.  For me, it's fail safe and it definitely rivals my Dior Matte Bronzer however the RBR bronzer is very expensive at £41.00.  It really is something that you would treat yourself to on a birthday or special occasion and then use for special occasions to eek it out as far as possible.

The other product from Rouge Bunny Rouge that I've had my eye on for a while is the Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink in Tigers Eye which is described as a 'diluted black ink base, lavished with 24 carat gold and polished copper for an overall bursting with glitter, black-bronze holographic effect'.  Sounds amazing right? At £27.00 a pop you would hope it was.
You guys all know that I go nuts for anything metallic so the idea of metallic eye liners really floats my boat big time!  This eye liner has a felt tip applicator which always makes using the product a lot easier.  On first application I was initially a little bit disappointed because I was expecting a more intense colour, however I quickly realised that you have to apply one coat then go over it again for maximum impact.  The glitter particles in this liquid eye liner are so teeny tiny that it just looks like a metallic effect rather than individual pieces of glitter.  It catches the light beautifully and looks incredible against gold or bronze eye shadow.    

In an attempt to make the product last longer, I will probably apply a cheaper brown liquid eyeliner first and then apply the RBR one over the top to add dimension.  Once again, this product is very expensive so you wouldn't want to waste it unnecessarily.  These really are products to purchase when you really want to treat yourself to something special.

I got two samples with the above products and the first one excited me from the moment I opened's a small sample of the Highlighting Liquid in Seas of Illumination.  I already have a full-size version of the Sea of Showers Highlighter which is a goldy bronze colour.  This opalescent pink one would be perfect for the winter months and it's almost like a thinner consistency version of Benefit High Beam.  Although I actually prefer the effect I get with the RBR Highlighter as it doesn't seem to disturb your make up when you apply it over foundation/powder.  It's so light and easily absorbed that it glides onto the skin in such a lovely way.  It gives the most amazing radiance on your cheekbones that looks so incredibly natural.  I'm in love with the effect it gives and I have promised myself that I will get a full size version when my finances permit!  You only need a tiny amount of this product for each application so in this instance, it really is worth the cash. 

The second sample is the Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigment in Wishing For Wings, which is described as 'iridescent light nude mauve with silvery reflections'.  I think you would love this shade Tali! It's almost like MAC's Shale e/s but with more silver reflects.  It's gorgeous!  A perfect daytime shade for when you want something a little different from the norm.  I love the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows and this glitter pigment really didn't let me down.  The glitter particles are so fine and delicate that it should really be described as a shimmer pigment.  There was no fall out whatsoever from this product and it is so smooth as you can see from the swatches below...

Alot of people complain about the price of the Rouge Bunny Rouge products but you have to keep in mind that it really is a luxury brand and 9 times out of 10, you get what you pay for.  It's the same as buying a Burberry bag instead of one from H & M.  Some people are willing to shell out the cash and some people aren't.  And that's completely fine, it's all down to personal preference.  All I know is that the Rouge Bunny Rouge products make me feel special and glamorous and to me, that's what cosmetics are all about.  Granted you don't always have to spend a lot of money to get great products, but for the times when I want buy a gift for myself, Rouge Bunny Rouge is a brand I always think of.  

Have you tried any Rouge Bunny Rouge products lately?

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